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Delta Blues - Jim Wright's Star Trek:Voyager site

05/2010: Links fixed?

Well, it's been five years, so I guess it's time for another update. Thanks to those who pointed out the broken links; I think I've got the links to the reviews, at least, working again. If you see still-broken links, please let me know. As to the unfinished Season 7 reviews...I still get the occasional throat-clearing reminder, and I haven't yet given up on the idea of finishing them. Free time isn't what it used to be, but I still feel the need for closure.

05/2001: Series ends. 05/2005: Site Updated (kinda)

Now that Voyager is long since in the can and this site is long past its "up-to-date and relevant" status, I feel like using my home page as a design guinea pig, in the hope that not that many people are paying attention. Yet.

Don't fret - the review documents themselves will change very little. I may do some cleanup under the hood, but I still prefer the printable-text focus for the things that brought most of you here in the first place. During the transition, many of the links will go to the old-style pages.

If you're dead-set against using a 21st-century design to read 20th-century reviews of a 24th-century series...well, I'm not going to stop you. The straight-text index page can still be found here. But if you're willing to bear with me during the transition, I welcome feedback. (and in case you're wondering: yep. Stock DreamWeaver. For now.)

Future Plans

Ten years ago, during Voyager's maiden season, my reviews and my website were both laboratories. The series gave me something to write about; the website was a chance to do something with my first Internet account. (It was a big, scary jump from Compuserve, let me tell you.) Today, I'm driven by similar desires - to create, to practice, to learn. And perhaps, to share.

Voyager is no longer first-run, but it continues to find new fans. As long as I have web space, part of it will always belong to Delta Blues. But even as I fulfill my commitment to catch up on the last of the season-seven reviews, I'm itching to branch out into new areas. Some technical, some creative.

As before, my goal is to learn things here that I can use elsewhere. I still have a soft spot for the printed word, so I'll be writing here with the intent to write elsewhere. My modest visual skills will be exercised in order to exercise more mature design skills on my wife's site. She's the visual pro. She can design; my job will be to make it work.

So...for now, this is a snapshot of a relaunch. I was tired of seeing the "oops, home page broke, follow this link" fronting seven years' of hard labor. It's going to start off pretty basic and generic, letting the legacy code (i.e. the reviews) speak for themselves. Even the writing of this page is a sign that I'm rusty.

I'm not happy to be rusty, but I am happy that the creative bug is starting to bite again.

If you're a long-time reader, welcome back. If you're new, welcome.


Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (review) While I was sleeping, my brothers were standing in line with their lightsabers polished and gleaming. (Jon is 18; Mark, a doctoral candidate in anthropology, is 33.) Since they have two ratings for movies - "it sucked" and "best movie ever," it's a bit binary (ba da boom) as judgments go. I went the next morning, and emerged from the theater with my ears bleeding (thanks, sound system) and my head spinning. Here's my take.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (nutshell synopsis) Yeah, the movie was twelve hours long, and that's just episode three. But that doesn't mean you can't get the basics in a few minutes. If you feel like saving yourself the time and cash (for now; you will see it eventually, however hard you try not to), here's a quick recap of what happened. Quick spoiler: As you might expect for a movie that precedes "a new hope," the Sith really hits the fan. (When the film is actually marketed using the phrase "Sith Happens" I don't object to following in their scatalogical footsteps. As gross as that sounds.)

If the format looks familiar, it's cuz I stole it from Zeke's Five Minute Voyager. Team Zeke's Marc Richard has a Fiver of this film, which you can read here. Shameless plug aside,Ii just wanted to brag that for once, I'm MORE brief than the Fiver folk. :-)

Blast from the Past: Best of Both Girls It has been called "perhaps the best fanfic ever" by someone who may have given the phrase to my brother. So...a few folks thought it was pretty good.

If you've ever wondered what might have happened if Captain Janeway had been assimilated by those Borg (in the cliffhanger before we lost Kes and picked up Seven of Nine), here's one possible outcome, in twelve easy pieces.

Blast from the Past: "Remora" The year: 2002. (I think.) The project: Virtual Voyager, Season 8. I'd offered to write an episode, which turned out to be harder than I thought. They even gave me a mid-season cliffhanger. From the above link, you can take your pick of formats.

In yet another shameless plug, Five Minute Voyager provided a Fiver of my episode. (No, I don't owe Zeke money.)

Shameless Plug: Five Minute Voyager If you've seen Colin "Zeke" Heyman's always-expanding stable of Five Minute summaries--and if not, why not?--you are familiar with the format. The Five-Minute treatment honors this site in being the exact opposite of everything my content stood for: He shares the writing duties, his recaps are short, and detail is the devil. It's all about the essence. If you're new to a series, you can catch up with five to seven seasons in, like, an hour.

On top of that, Colin's a heck of a nice guy, and funny. He and his stable of unstable prankmeisters are bent on Fivering the whole of English literature...and before the French breathe easy, know this. he's Canadian.

Shameless Plug: Just Born candies Last year, I found some "Cool Kids" candies in the store in my building. These spearmint Hot Tamales were a childhood favorite, and I got on the company's website to express my delight at seeing them again.

They weren't so thrilled. Those candies had been released YEARS ago, and shouldn't have been on shelves. To atone for this grievous error, they sent me a box of candies, all nicely wrapped in freshness-preserving plastic instead of those icky unsanitary boxes I used to love using as a whistle by blowing really hard into.

Just Born isn't a sponsor. But they gave me free candy to make up for a disappointment I didn't feel. That deserves at least a free plug.

On the other hand, the last box of Hot Tamales I bought sucked the crown right out of my head. Could be time for another 'complaint' letter. (mmmm....caaaaandy...)

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