Hiroshi's Haiku: "Vis-a-Vis"


Hiroshi Wright is Jim's seldom-discussed twin brother. (No, not Tito; that's his other twin brother.) Hiroshi doesn't speak much English, and Jim's Japanese is a tad rusty; translation issues belong to Jim.

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U.S.S. Voyager comes to the aid of an alien, Steth, who claims to be the test pilot of a new spacecraft that has run into trouble. Paris, who has become weary of being on the U.S.S. Voyager, volunteers to help him repair his ship. However, Steth is able to copy Paris's DNA and swaps physical appearances with him. Paris is then left behind in Steth's ship while the imposter takes over his duties at the helm and leaves the real Paris behind. It isn't long before "Steth" is confronted by Daelen, another alien who is seeking her original form. Back on the U.S.S. Voyager, Janeway suspects something is wrong, but Steth assumes her appearance and takes command. [from www.startrek.com]


In an old garage
Working on his Camaro
Tom avoids Sickbay.

Muscle Car: refuge
From boring Sickbay duties
And nagging girlfriends.

But the Doc finds out.
Paris is put on report;
Chakotay chides him.

Alien arrives!
Funky ship, broken engine--
Paris tunes it up.

Got cabin fever?
Paris needs a change of pace--
But this . . . went too far.

Tom's a whole new man;
You'd hardly recognize him!
Steth can swap bodies.

Tells Doc he's "daunted;"
Tells Torres he's "so sorry;"
"Paris" acts goofy.

"Paris" blows off work,
Treats B'Elanna like garbage.
P/T fans get mad.

Finding "Paris" drunk
Reading Janeway's private logs,
Seven rats him out.

Janeway gives The Look
"Paris" looks captain over--
One more Switcharoo!

Real Tom awakens
Teams up with other victim
Look out, body thief!

"Janeway" swipes shuttle,
Phasers Seven just for fun.
[Too bad Janeway missed that.]

Real Paris thinks fast;
Carburetor overloads!
Stops evil "Janeway."

Old surf muzak plays;
Torres and Tom Paris sit
In Makeout Mobile.


Paris fans will fume
Kinda fun but goofy plot
Borrowed from "The Tick"

What else can I say?
"Turnabout Intruder" Meets

Next week: a high-energy flap between Janeway and Seven of Nine.

Jim's Review

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