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Are you alive? (28-Jan-2005) Yep - alive and well, happily married and poor as dirt. (Well, maybe that fancy dirt you get in the more upscale thrift stores.) DELTA BLUES remains on life support, but it's not going away. This is just a quick Hi and Happy New Year, and thanks for all the cards and letters, you folks out there in cyberspace lant.

For 2005, I reaffirm my promise that - eventually - the missing reviews from Season Seven will be completed. To my astonishment, I still get requests for them. I need to track down copies of the missing episodes. Then, I just need some free time.

DELTA CHAT: (JULY 17) Thanks to Admiral Sab for reminding me that
DELTA CHAT is still alive and kicking. When Vantagenet bit the bits a while back, the FUJ brigades refused to let a good thing die. If you're a DCer from way back, head on over and get reacquainted. If you're new, drop on by and meet a great group of folks. Two standing rules: be excellent to each other, and party on.

STARFLEET JOURNAL: (JULY 1) Thanks to Florence M for pointing out that the former domain of "Starfleet Journal" is adult swim area. I've removed all links to that domain. Pity--I have fond memories of writing for Starfleet Journal. I'll have to see if I can recover some of those old columns and post them here.

This isn't the first time a Trek site did the Mirror, Mirror thing, grew a goatee and started Disappearing the innocence of the unwary. If you find any other link on my site that now heads into the virtual red-light district, please et me know and I'll remove it ASAP. (And no, that doesn't include my review of Blood Fever. Smart aleck.)

BRAGA TURNS 100: (MAY 14) This week the 100th episode of a Trek series will air with Brannon Braga in the writing credits. For Voyager fans, you may appreciate that 47 of those episodes were VOYAGER. (Well, okay, 48--but I'm sure even he would like to forget "Threshold".) Congratulations, Brannon, on the milestone. is planning a tribute, and you can learn how to offer your own comments at Brannon's website. Or, if you're still smarting over the whole Chakotay/Seven of Nine thing, you may prefer to mark the occasion in your own way at

RETURN OF THE SHAMELESS PLUG: (MAY 14) In the chaos of my unexpected move, I apparently lost a prominent link to Zeke's FIVE MINUTE VOYAGER. It's a great site, and it has the advantage of being updated frequently. And it's got a terrific sense of humor and an active chatting community. Check it out.

SITE STATUS UPDATE: (March 17) Happy St. Patrick's Day!'s the scoop. I found a CD with a more recent backup, and restored the files. Every review SHOULD be there in some form or another, aside from Q2, and that one only because of my ongoing protest against the episode. Those files not on that backup, I found through the WayBack Machine on (Thanks, Tina!) And yes, I have created a new backup CD.

If anything is STILL missing, please let me know.

SITE STATUS UPDATE: Welcome to the new home of DELTA BLUES! Many, many thanks to Owen at and Zeke at 5 Minute Voyager for making the switch possible, and thanks to all of you whose emails helped motivate me to keep DELTA BLUES online.

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There will be a bit of redesign in the near future, along with some long-promised new content. But in the meantime, I know there has been a world-wide clamor for the return of the LONGEST DANG VOYAGER RECAPS ON THE PLANET, and who am I to argue with the will of the people? They are indeed back. Enjoy. And again, thank you.


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Star Trek Top 100

Season 1

[Top] [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Bottom]

"Caretaker, Part I" (* * *)
[Series Premiere] The Pilot: A three hour tour strands two ships and their motley crews a long way from home....
"Caretaker, Part II" (* * * *)
The Pilot continues: rounding out the cast and conflicts, and Paris acts heroic.
"Parallax" (* * * 1/2)
"So you wanna be Chief Engineer? Get us out of this black hole, then we'll talk."
"Time and Again" (* *)
Janeway and Paris go back in time to prevent their own rescue. Sorta.
"Phage" (* * * *)
"Buddy, can you spare a set of lungs?" Overzealous ugly organ harvesters.
"The Cloud" (* * 1/2)
He ain't nebulous, he's my brother. Another "smart cloud" episode.
"Eye of the Needle"(* * * 1/2)
Harry's discovery of the universe's smallest wormhole leads to retro Romulans.
"Ex Post Facto" (* * * 1/2)
Tom Paris gets lucky, then gets convicted. Harry gets beat up. Tuvok as COLUMBO.
"Emanations" (* * *)
Harry Kim breaks on through to the Other Side. His first death.
"Prime Factors" (* * * 1/2)
Fantasy Island in Space. Harry travels 40,000 lightyears on a first date.
"State of Flux" (* * *)
A traitor aboard Voyager is unmasked.
"Heroes and Demons" (* * * *)
Holodoc does Beowulf when Harry gets swallowed by Grendel.
"Cathexis" (* *)
Voyager's answer to "Spock's Brain": Chakotay's Soul.
"Faces" (* * * 1/2)
Torres is beside herself, as "Phage" aliens return. (was * * 1/2)
"Jetrel" (* * 1/2)
Neelix comes clean on his war record.
"Learning Curve" (* * *)
[Season 1 Finale] Tuvok turns drill sergeant in Maquis boot camp, as cheese threatens the ship.

Season 2

[Top] [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Bottom]

"The 37's" (* * * 1/2)
[Season 2 Premiere] Where Amelia Earhart really ended up.
"Initiations" (* * * *)
Alien maturity rituals: "Today I am a Kazon."
"Projections" (*)
Holodoc's identity crisis, a la Barclay. Kes is Mrs. Holodoc? Harry dies briefly.
"Elogium" (* * * 1/2)
The Sex Episode: even the ship gets some, as Kes jump-starts into puberty.
"Non Sequitor" (* * *)
Harry Kim (most-traveled ensign in history) wakes up on alternate Earth with his girlfriend. And has a PROBLEM with that.
"Twisted" (* * *)
Voyager pretzels, anyone? Information exchange of a different kind.
"Parturition" (* * 1/2)
Neelix and Paris pasta wrestle over Kes. Harry plays clarinet and consoles Kes.
"Persistence of Vision" (* * * 1/2)
The Penn 'n' Teller of aliens mess with Voyager crew heads.
"Tattoo" (* * 1/2)
An episode devoted to Chakotay's forehead. We meet his dad.
"Cold Fire" (* * 1/2)
Kes makes Tuvok's blood boil. Why Ocampa shouldn't be teenagers.
"Maneuvers" (* * * *)
"State of Flux" traitor returns in a big way. Chakotay's REALLY bad day.
"Resistance" (* * * *)
Janeway gets adopted by Joel Grey in a good cause.
"Prototype" (* * *)
Torres builds polite killer androids.
"Alliances" (* * *)
Janeway considers joining forces with ... any takers?
"Threshold" (* * *)
Tom Paris breaks Warp 10, honeymoons with Janeway.
"Meld" (* * * 1/2)
Tuvok mind-links with Chucky from Child's Play, gets a personality.
"Dreadnought" (* * * 1/2)
Another Torres creation comes back to haunt her.
"Death Wish" (* * * *)
Q and company contemplate life and death.
"Lifesigns" (* * *)
Holodoc finds love in a '57 Chevy.
"Investigations" (* * * 1/2)
Neelix goes tabloid, Tom Paris goes freelance, a traitor goes Postal.
"Deadlock" (* *)
Two ships, two gas tank. Someone's gonna die. Where's Harry?
"Innocence" (* * * 1/2)
Tuvok babysits. Janeway gets philosophical with high-tech Luddites.
"The Thaw" (* *)
Evil clowns, pink guillotines, and (who else?) Harry Kim.
"Tuvix (Symbiogenesis)" (* * *)
Neelix and Tuvok take male bonding to new extremes. Harry plays clarinet.
"Resolutions" (* *)
Janeway and Chakotay are planetbound; Captain Tuvok butts heads with a gung-ho Harry Kim; Holodoc rekindles an old Vidiian flame
"Basics, Part 1" (* * * *)
[Season 2 Finale] Seska's paternity suit against Chakotay gives Voyager to the Kazon?

Season 3

[Top] [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Bottom]

"Basics Part II" (5 Stars!)
[Season 3 Premiere] Chakotay wins on appeal. Suder, Paris and Holodoc collect. Hogan gets eaten by a guest-beast from the Action Pack.
"Flashback" (* * * 1/2)
Tuvok dreams he's Sylvester Stallone in "Cliffhanger"
"The Chute (Me)" (* * * *)
Tom and Harry fight for the right to say "I am Spartacus!"
"The Chute (A. Miller)" (* * * 1/2)
Ashley Miller gives a more cerebral take on the most controversial episode to date
"The Swarm" (* * * 1/2)
Doc loses his mind, Janeway walks across a DQ neighbor's lawn
"False Profits" (* * 1/2)
"Reformed" Ferengi demigods allow their bronze-age womenfolk to walk around half-clothed instead of fully unclothed like decent Ferengi.
"Remember" (* * * 1/2)
B'Elanna Torres accuses my favorite character actor of genocide.
"Sacred Ground" (* * * 1/2)
Janeway goes where Chakotay hasn't gone before
"Future's End, Part I" (* * * *)
Janeway must save the world from the evil machinations of Ed Begley, Jr.
"Future's End, Part II" (* * * *)
Holodoc kicks hiney on some Arizona Militiamen. Tuvok washes down a burrito with a Monster Gulp.
"Warlord" (* * *)
Kes enters her Terrible Twos in a big way.
"The Q and the Grey" (* * * *)
Q introduces Janeway to a Big Bang of a different kind.
"Macrocosm" (* * 1/2)
Captain Janeway was Signorney Weaver in a previous life....Whether this is "Alien" or "Ghostbusters" is your call. (Can I be the Keymaster?)
"Fair Trade" (* * 1/2)
Troubled-Teen Neelix hangs out with the wrong crowd on a Very Special Voyager.
"Alter Ego" (* * * 1/2)
Harry and Tuvok lock horns over some Holo-pursuits.
"Coda" (* * *)
Jeri Taylor makes me a liar: We see Vidiians again, over Janeway's dead body.
"Blood Fever" (* * * *)
B'Elanna's got Blood Fever, Vorek's got Pon Farr, and Paris has a serious case of tent-pole. It's Springtime!
"Unity" (5 Stars!)
"Hey, look, a broken Borg cube! Let's play Auto Club and give them a jump start...."
"Unity" (Ashley Miller) (* * * *)
Once again, I invite Ashley Miller to provide a Guest Review, to share his splendid insights into "Unity."
"The Darkling" (*)
Holodoc finally picks a name to suit his mood: Mengele.
"Rise" (* * *)
Tuvok cops a 'tude, gets a rise out of Neelix on a misssion of mercy.
"Favorite Son" (* * *)
Yet another traumatic event in the life of Harry Kim...alien-spawned Pompatus of Love.
"Before and After" (* * * *)
Kes follows in Merlin's youthening footsteps.
"Real Life" (* * * 1/2)
Doc gets a family. Too bad it's the Bundy family.
"Distant Origin" (* * * *)
Jurassic Park meets Star Trek. Literally.
"Displaced" (5 Stars!)
As the season nears its end, we find the crew going out, not with a bang or a whimper, but to the muted strain of "na na na na hey hey hey goodbye." Ack.
"Worst Case Scenario" (5 Stars!)
Chakotay decides being a Maquis ain't so bad after all.
"Scorpion, Part I" (* * * *)
[Season 3 Finale] The Borg get stomped. Harry Kim gets transmogrified. Janeway gets an idea. I smell a Cliffhanger....

Season 4

[Top] [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Bottom]

"Scorpion, Part II" (* * *)
[Season 4 Premiere] Janeway's idea bears fruit. Chakotay goes nuts.
"The Gift" (* * * 1/2)
Kes grows up--way up. Seven of Nine gets a makeover. Harry Kim gets some North Portland Therapy.
"Day of Honor" (* * *)
Tom and B'Elanna find romance in the unlikeliest of places. Seven of Nine discovers random acts of kindness. A new species gets a bit too persistent in its fund-raising.
"Nemesis" (* * * 1/2)
Chakotay kicks some Predator hiney...but should he?
"Revulsion" (* * * *)
Harry and Seven of Nine have different ideas about first date protocol.
"The Raven" (* * *)
Seven of Nine gets a new wardrobe, her first meal...and homesick.
"Scientific Method" (* * * *)
Halloween episode. 'Nuff said.
"The Year of Hell, Part I" (* * * *)
The Krenim from "Before and After" are back...for the first time.
"The Year of Hell, Part II" (* * *)
Janeway punches the Big Button.
"Random Thoughts" (* * *)
Torres gets in trouble for thinking; Tuvok takes a walk on the dark side.
"Concerning Flight" (* * * 1/2)
Kate & Leo's Excellent Adventure.
"Mortal Coil" (666)
Neelix goes to hell.
"Waking Moments" (5 Stars!)
Chakotay saves the day. Harry sleeps in. Janeway stares down antimatter.
"Message In A Bottle" (5 Stars!)
Doc Saves The Day in two quadrants. Harry teaches Paris a lesson. Seven shocks.
"Hunters" (* * * *)
Harry hangs out at the post office. Seven makes a road trip. Cap'n Kate gets a Dear Janeway.
"Prey" (* * * *)
Janeway teaches Seven about refusing to show her any.
"Retrospect" (* * *)
Big guns, big noses, big accusations, and Big Issues.
"The Killing Game, Part I" (* * * *)
Hirogen Nazis in Space!
"The Killing Game, Part II" (* * *)
Who Hunts the Hunters?
"Vis-a-Vis" (* * 1/2)
Tom Paris gets folded, spindled and mutilated.
"The Omega Directive" (* * * *)
Seven and Janeway take on the Big Bang.
"Unforgettable" (* 1/2)
Boy meets girl. Boy forgets girl. Girl woos boy. Girl forgets boy. Go girl, go.
Living Witness (* * * *)
Chakotay's tattoo causes an international incident.
Demon (*)
The ship runs out of gas in the middle of West Texas. Harry's got a new attitude.
One (* * * *)
Seven spends way too much time by herself. Harry bursts into flames.
Hope and Fear (* * * *)
[Season 4 Finale] Scorpion, Part III. Skeet in Space.

Season 5

[Top] [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Bottom]

Night (* * *)
Captain Janeway joins forces with Woodsy the Owl to battle eco-terrorists.
Drone (* * * *)
Seven of Nine makes Mama Kate a proud grandma. Troublesome in-laws.
Extreme Risk (* * * 1/2)
B'Elanna enrolls in the school of hard knocks. Paris plays Buzz Aldrin. Cool new toy.
In the Flesh (* * * *)
Chakotay dates outside his species.
Once Upon A Time (* * * 1/2)
The Delta Flyer crashes, testing Neelix's babysitting skills. Sesame Street in Space.
Timeless (* * * *)
EPISODE 100: Harry doesn't die. But everyone else does.
Infinite Regress (* * *)
Seven of Nine gets a nasty case of Assimilation Flu.
Nothing Human (* * * 1/2)
Doc teams up with a Cardassian Mengele when Torres gets bugged.
Thirty Days (* * * 1/2)
Tom Paris goes from Champ to Chump.
Counterpoint (* * *)
Janeway uses sex as a weapon for a good cause.
Latent Image (* * *)
Janeway lobotomizes Doc--for a good reason? Harry almost dies.
The Bride of Chaotica! (* * * *)
Holodeck program imperils the ship yet again. Janeway gets royal treatment.
Gravity (* * * 1/2)
Tank Girl Tempts Tuvok
Bliss (* *)
"This wormhole will take us all the way home! And this letter from Starfleet says I may already be a winner! It's like a dream come true!"
Dark Frontier (* * * *)
Seven has three mommies. Two battle for custody. Daddy drones on.
The Disease (* * *)
An alien lights up Harry Kim's life.
Course: Oblivion
Heather Jarman's Guest Review (* * *)
Jim's Review (* * *)
Voyager begins to melt like a Jell-O mold left out in the sun, spoiling the honeymoon of Tom and B'Elanna.
The Fight (* * 1/2)
Chakotay combines Chaos Theory with the Sweet Science, with Boothby in his corner.
Think Tank (* * 1/2)
Seven of Nine gets recruited by the Delta Quadrant chapter of Mensa.
Juggernaut (* * *)
B'Elanna has to battle her own inner demons--and an alien monster--and still find time to stop an industrial catastrophe. (Includes extra commentary by Heather Jarman)
Someone to Watch Over Me (* * * *)
Seven of Nine's first date. Neelix chaperones alien ambassador. Hilarity ensues.
11:59 (* * * *)
Janeway discovers that one of her ancestors wasn't everything she'd been led to believe. An extended look at Shannon O'Donnell Janeway at the dawn of the third millennium.
Relativity (* * 1/2)
Seven dies, Voyager blows up, everyone lives happily ever after. (Yes, really.)
Warhead (* * * 1/2)
War takes its toll on people--but how do you think the bombs feel?)
Equinox (* * *)
Voyager encounters another Starfleet ship--and the enemy it's picked up along the way.

Season 6

[Top] [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Bottom]

Equinox, Part II(?) (* * * 1/2)
[Season Premiere] Janeway dons her Ahab cap...again.
Survival Instinct (* * * 1/2)
Seven of Nine encounters some old Drone buddies.
Barge of the Dead (* * * *)
Torres goes to Klingon Hell.
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy (* * * *)
Doc gets in touch with his inner Reg Barclay.
Alice (* * 1/2)
  Jim Wright
  Heather Jarman
Tom gets a new toy to play with.
Riddles (* * *)
When Tuvok loses his mind, he and Neelix become fast friends.
Dragon's Teeth (* * *)
Voyager makes more trouble for itself amid the ruins of an ancient civilization.
One Small Step (5 Stars!)
Seven of Nine gains a greater appreciation for the Mars program.
The Voyager Conspiracy (* * *)
Seven of Nine blows the lid off that whole Delta Quadrant thingie.
Pathfinder (5 Stars!)
Meanwhile, back in the Alpha Quadrant...
Fair Haven (* * *)
Janeway looks for love in an unexpected place.
Blink of an Eye (* * *)
Time flies--I mean, really flies--when you're knee-deep in tachyons.
Virtuoso (* * *)
The Doctor becomes bigger than Elvis. Harry dies--so to speak.
Memorial (* * * 1/2)
The crew gets an unwanted lesson in guilt.
Tsunkatse (* * * 1/2)
Seven of Nine joins the WWF. 47 quatloos against the newcomer.
Collective (* *)
Seven adopts a Collective.
Spirit Folk (* * *)
Yet another Holodeck malfunction.
Ashes to Ashes (* * * 1/2)
Harry falls in love. Seven plays wicked stepmother.
Child's Play (* * *)
Icheb's parents are found. Seven has separation anxiety.
Good Shepherd (* * * 1/2)
Mama Kate takes a road trip with a few of her problem children.
Live Fast and Prosper (* * * 1/2)
Janeway tracks down someone having a bit too much fun being Janeway.
Muse (* * * *)
B'Elanna becomes a playwright's inspiration. Nobody knows what happened to Harry.
Fury (*)
Kes is back. And she's not happy. She's not the only one.
Life Line (5 Stars!)
Doc visits Jupiter Station. Physician, upgrade thyself.
The Haunting of Deck 12 (* * 1/2)
Neelix gets long-winded about nebular gas.
Unimatrix Zero (* * * 1/2)
Seven of Nine joins the Borg Maquis.

Season 7

[Top] [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Bottom]

Unimatrix Zero, Part II (* * * 1/2)
[Season Premiere] Janeway lays the smack down on the Collective.
Imperfection (* * * 1/2)
Seven's warranty expires. Bye-bye to Borg babies.
Drive (* * * 1/2 Jim; * * * * Heather)
Tom puts the pedal to the medal, and a knee to the ground.
Repression (* *)
That's Tuvok in the corner. That's him in the spotlight losing his volition...
Critical Care (* * * *)
Dr. Kevorkian to surgery...Dr. Kevorkian to surgery...
Inside Man (* * *)
Real Barclay heads to Holo-Voyager. Holo-Barclay heads to real Voyager. Deanna Troi heads to beach blanket bingo.
Body and Soul (* * * 1/2)
The EMH discovers the joys of the flesh. Seven endures the consequences.
Nightingale (* * 1/2)
Ensign Kim gets his chance to play Captain Harry. Janeway's job is safe for a while. (Added 6/15/2001)
Flesh and Blood, Part I (N/R)
The Hirogen program the perfect prey. (Follow-up to "The Killing Game".)
Flesh and Blood, Part II (N/R)
"We hold these truths to be self-evident--that all holograms are programmed equal..."
Shattered (* * *)
Chakotay gives Janeway a tour of the future.
Lineage (* * * 1/2)
B'Elanna wants to design some genes for her new daughter.
Repentance (* * *)
Just in time for the Bush administration--a death penalty episode.
Prophesy (* * * 1/2)
Just in time for B'Elanna's Baby Shower--the Klingons drop in for a visit.
The Void ([N/R])
"Alliances" meets "Night". Can Janeway recreate the Federation in Darwin's waiting room?
Workforce ([N/R])
Doc takes over the ship. Janeway gets a day job and a boyfriend.
Workforce, Part II ([N/R])
Doc gives back the ship. Janeway gives up her day job and the boyfriend.
Human Error (* * * 1/2)
Seven of Nine, jealous of Janeway, gets her own holographic boy toy. With a tattoo, no less.
Q2 ([N/R])
Guess who's back. And guess who's coming with him.
Author, Author ([N/R])
Doc writes a thinly-veiled screed against holographic oppression...and finds that the only thing worse than being disrespected by one's colleagues is being loved by a publishing house.
Friendship One (* * *)
Voyager gets a mission--track down an old Earth probe sent out to say Howdy to our space neighbors. It's supposed to be a happy if.
Natural Law (* * *)
Chakotay and Seven of Nine get back to Nature in a big way, and discover that Nature sucks.
Homestead (5 Stars!)
Neelix makes some big decisions when he runs into some fellow Talaxians.
Renaissance Man (* * * *)
We discover that the Doctor is a lot more versatile than we previously realized.
Endgame (fake "leaked ending") (* *)
Don't try this at home...
Endgame (series finale, Part One) (47 stars)
Meanwhile, back in the future...
Endgame (series finale, Part Two) (47 stars)
The Galaxy just ain't big enough for TWO Janeways and a Borg Queen...
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