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"Workforce," Part I


Paramount pretty much owns everything you're about to read. It's their dialog, their characters, their franchise. For whatever reason, they've chosen to left me alone, and I thank them for it.

This is all meant in good fun, as though I were reciting the episode to you around the water cooler at work. You'll find the closest thing online to watching the actual episode, though I do sometimes take liberties when I think it will help the narrative. Any errors in fact or interpretation are my responsibility alone.

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When Chakotay, Harry Kim and Neelix attempt to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Voyager after a trading mission, neither the ship nor the crew are anywhere to be found. Meanwhile, on a faraway planet, Kathryn Janeway and the rest of Voyager's former crew begin new careers. Oblivious to each other and the lives they once shared, the Voyager crew has been integrated into a gigantic industrial workforce.

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"Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find the supervisor?"


"Thank you."

"Your authorization and licenses?"

"Level six in thermodynamics and quantum fusion."



"I'm impressed."

"Thank you, sir."

"Now, if you can just manage to report to your shift on time."

"I'm sorry."

"I boarded the wrong transport."

"I ended up at the atmosphere filtration facility."

"They're always looking for skilled workers."

"I'm surprised they didn't offer you a job."

"I promise, I won't be late again."

"Well, it's easy to get disoriented when you're new here."

"I've been in this city all my life and I still get lost on occasion."

"Now, you'll be monitoring the primary reactor coils."

"They process more than 8,000..."

"8,000 metric tons of tylium per second at 94% thermal efficiency."

"I've memorized the specifications."

"Let me know if there's anything you need."

"You'll find we like to keep our workforce happy."

"I can already tell it's going to be much better than my last job."

"[captioning sponsored by Paramount television"


"The specifications you asked for."


"(alarm sounds)"

"Computer: input error 415."

"Command code violation 2308."

"Come on, shut off that damn alarm and I promise I'll never violate you again."

"(alarm stops)"

"Almost started a core overload."

"I would have corrected it."

"Well, I'm sorry for interrupting then."

"And for eavesdropping."

"I overheard you talking to your console."

"It's an old habit."

"Does it work?"

"I'm not sure this control panel and I speak the same language yet."

"Well, if you need an interpreter..."



"I work just down there."

"That's good to know."

"Seven: this station doesn't require two operators."

"I don't think we've met."


"Employee 1-3-2-6."

"And you're employee 8-5-8-4."

"Since you're new here, you may not be fully familiar with the labor protocols, but you should be aware that fraternizing is not permitted during work."

"And do you have a number or maybe a name?"

"Annika hansen."

"And what exactly is your position here?"

"I'm the new efficiency monitor."

"Oh, i, uh, didn't know they'd hired one."

"Now that you do, I suggest you return to your station."

"Janeway: we weren't fraternizing."

"He was just helping me correct an input error."

"We're almost finished."

"Do it quickly."

"Yes, ma'am."

"I thought we were fraternizing."


"Maybe we could get acquainted after work."

"Uh, there is a little place some of us like to go to."

"I appreciate the offer, but with this new job..."

"I don't really have time to socialize."


"They're always looking for laborers at the power distribution plant."

"I had a job there once."

"Didn't like it much."


"They treat their employees well."

"How long were you there?"

"Oh, a while."

"It would be very simple for me to find out."

"A day."

"A day?"

"Half a day, actually."

"Give or take an hour."

"Not what I'd call an illustrious career."

"I don't belong behind a console pushing buttons."

"But when I heard some of the workers talking about your place I knew I had to get a job here."

"You were terminated, weren't you?"



"That's quite an accomplishment during a labor shortage."

"What happened?"


"It's a long story."

"I like a long story."

"I had a disagreement with the new efficiency monitor."

"She didn't think my work was very..."



"Then why should I hire you?"


"There's my natural charm and personality."

"They'd be a real asset around a place like this where you're trying to attract patrons."

"I mean, look at you."

"You haven't been able to tear yourself away from me."

"There's no one else here."



"I really need the work."

"You'd better clean those tables over there."

"This place is going to be filled with hungry workers as soon as the next shift ends."

"You won't regret this."

"Oh, I'm certain I will."


"Jaffen: so, he made one rude remark after another all of them about my father and he couldn't understand why I wasn't insulted."

"Finally, I just had to tell him: I'm norvalen."

"I don't have a father."


"It wasn't that funny, Tuvok."


"On the contrary."

"The man was ignorant of how your species procreates."

"His attempt to disparage you ultimately humiliated him."

"Irony is often a source of humor."

"Yes, well, when you explain it like that, uh..."

"It's not funny at all."

"I also have some humorous anecdotes to share."

"I'll look forward to hearing them."

"I thought you didn't have time to socialize?"

"I'm not socializing."

"I'm reviewing these manuals and having something to eat."

"Well, I recommend the latara broth and the section on thermal coefficients."

"I'll join you."

"Really, I'm very, very busy."

"Oh, not to socialize."

"To, uh, help you review the manuals."


"Here you are."

"Compliments of the proprietress."

"Umali: tom."

"I'll be right back."

"The proprietress doesn't give away drinks."

"Well, I'm just creating customer loyalty."

"You've been creating loyalty all night with those two women."

"I suggest you attend to the other tables."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Here you are."

"Thank you."

"It looks great."

"(people laughing)"

"I can't believe I let you keep me out this late."

"I felt it was my responsibility to help you study those manuals."

"(laughs): of course."

"Now that I have, you should be less likely to overload the core."


"You know, with all this fascinating discussion about thermal coefficients you never told me where you're from."

"A planet called earth."

"Never heard of it."

"A long way from here."

"What's it like?"

"Overpopulated, polluted, very little work."

"It sounds like my home world."

"I guess we're both lucky to be here."

"It's nice to be in a place where different species get along so well."

"So, you admit we're getting along."

"I was speaking in a broader cultural context."

"I see."

"There's a lot of violence where I come from."

"That's too bad."

"I still haven't adjusted to the weather here."

"It gets so cold at night it's almost curfew."

"Yes, sir."

"We both live right here."

"Good night, then."

"Let's check the perimeter again."

"You know, one of the advantages of living in employee housing is that we can continue sharing ideas, even after the work day is over."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, and I do have a spectacular view of the river from my living quarters."

"I really have to get to sleep."

"Maybe another time."

"I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable."

"You're not."

"Well, if you get lonely..."

"I'll let you know."

"(alarm sounds)"

"It wasn't me."

"It's not an overload."

"It's time for our inoculations."

"What inoculations?"

"They're nothing to worry about."

"Protection against ambient radiation."

"I didn't realize that was a problem."

"It's not, as long as you're inoculated regularly."

"We're lucky to have an employer that concerned about our safety."

"Is something wrong?"

"Forgive me, but..."

"I'm, I'm afraid of injections."

"I assure you, this is painless."

"I-is there some other method of administering the medication?"

"No, I'm afraid there isn't."

"Very well."

"Tuvok: no!"



"We're finished."

"You can go back to work."



"Chakotay: first officer's log, stardate 54584.3."

"Ensign Kim, Mr. Neelix and I are returning to Voyager after five days of trading with the nar shaddan."

"In six years I've never been on an away mission worse than this one."

"I don't know how you can say that."

"The cargo hold is crammed with valuable supplies."

"And my stomach is crammed with alien parasites doing backflips."

"I guess you shouldn't have drunk that falah nectar."

"You insisted I try it."

"The nar shaddan consider it a delicacy."

"To refuse would have insulted them."

"I didn't hear you insisting that Commander Chakotay try it."

"Commander Chakotay's a vegetarian."

"It was made from meat?"

"More like a meat byproduct."

"I'm going to be sick."

"Not after you drink this."

"What is it?"

"Leola bark tea."

"To settle even the queasiest of stomachs."


"It smells worse than the meat nectar."

"I'll wait for the Doctor to treat me."

"At least I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight."

"Chakotay: Harry, I know you're not feeling well but I need you and Neelix up here."

"On our way."

"Anything wrong, Commander?"

"We're at the rendezvous coordinates but there's no sign of Voyager and they're not responding to hails."

"Start scanning on all frequencies."

"They've got to be out there somewhere."

"So much for my own bed."

"Doctor: re-initialize the subspace transponder."

"Computer: warning: main computer is failing."

"Switch to backup processors."

"Main computer has stabilized."


"Now, let's try this again."

"Re-initialize the subspace transponder."

"Unable to comply."

"Why not?"

"Insufficient power."

"And they say I'm difficult."

"Reroute power from the replicator system."

"Unable to comply."


"Relays to the transponder are fused."

"Any suggestions?"

"Please restate inquiry."


"Can the power relays be bypassed?"


"Then I suppose I'll have to replace them by hand."

"(alarm blares)"

"Warning: intruder alert."


"The bridge."

"How many?"

"Two humanoids."

"Can you identify them?"


"Sensor resolution is below 20%."

"Stop what you're doing and turn around!"

"Take it easy, doc."

"It's us."

"It's good to see some friendly faces."

"For that matter, it's good to see any faces at all."

"I'm sorry I haven't gotten life support back on line yet but since I've been the only one aboard it hasn't been a priority."

"What the hell happened?"

"We ran into some..."


"I can see that."

"Can you be a little more specific?"

"Of course."

"About 12 hours after you left on your away mission things started to go wrong."

"We hit some sort of subspace mine."

"Computer, transfer the E.M.H."

"To the mobile emitter."

"Sickbay to bridge."

"Sickbay to engineering."

"Please respond."

"It wasn't long before I was inundated with casualties all suffering from tetrion radiation poisoning."

"Pretty soon the Captain arrived."

"Doctor, can you treat these people?"

"I can stabilize them but if we can't contain the radiation..."

"Get everyone to the escape pods, quickly."

"Not you, Doctor."

"I need you here."


"Computer, activate the emergency command hologram."

"Authorization: Janeway omega three."

"Computer: command codes transferred."

"You've wanted this chance for a long time."

"Now you've got it."

"Aye, Captain."

"Try to vent the radiation."

"The rest of us will get out of the contaminated area and head for the nearest habitable planet."

"You need medical care."

"Unless someone answers our distress call we'll rendezvous as soon as it's safe to come back on board."

"Take good care of Voyager."

"You can count on me, Captain."

"The crew abandoned ship and I began to assess the damage caused by the mine."

"But before I could even get started with the repairs I got some unexpected company."

"Computer, report."

"Alien vessels locked on to Voyager with a tractor beam."

"Open a channel."

"This is the Federation Starship Voyager."

"Disengage your tractor beam."

"Our scans show no life signs aboard your vessel."

"Identify yourself."

"I am the emergency command hologram."


"That's right."

"Now release my ship."

"Your crew's abandoned it."

"It belongs to me now."

"I beg to differ."

"Computer, target the vessel's tractor emitter and fire."

"Come about heading nine-zero-three mark six."

"Engage at warp two."

"Computer: warp engines are off-line."

"Evasive pattern beta four."

"Target the vessel's engines."

"Warning: two vessels approaching bearing three-three-six mark one."

"Reverse course, full impulse."

"I managed to evade the other two ships and hid inside this nebula."

"I vented the radiation repaired as many systems as I could but with no help let's just say I'm glad you found me."

"It wasn't easy picking up your homing signal."

"I had to encrypt it."

"Every time I left the nebula I detected more ships searching for me."

"Any idea who they are?"


"But I've analyzed all of their weapons signatures."

"They match the subspace mine."

"It was a deliberate attempt to disable Voyager."

"Good thing you were here."

"What about the rest of the crew?"

"Not a word."


"Make them comfortable."

"We're going to treat your injuries."

"Who are you?"

"My name is dr."


"We're in a quarren medical facility."

"My crew...?"

"My understanding is that they've all been rescued from their escape pods."

"Treat my people first."

"Everyone will be taken care of."

"Thank you."

"What is that medication?"

"An antiradiation serum, perfectly safe."

"What are you doing?"

"She's suffering from dysphoria syndrome."

"Don't worry, it's treatable."

"(machine hums)"

"Release her immediately."

"Restrain him."


"Excuse me."


"I believe we know each other."

"You're Tuvok, right?"

"We met last week at the shift briefing."

"Before that."

"Before we were working here."

"Oh, I don't think so."

"I mean, we're obviously not from the same place."


"I believe I know you."

"From the hospital perhaps?"

"What hospital?"

"I-I'm not certain."

"We were patients."

"You must have me confused with someone else."

"I've never been sick enough to go to a hospital."

"I'm sorry, I have a lot of work to finish."


"Try to remember."

"It may be important."

"Is there a problem here?"

"I think it's just a misunderstanding."


"She's right."

"It's, uh, it's a misunderstanding."

"You don't look well."

"Maybe you should go to the infirmary."

"No, no, I'm fine."



"I'll go back to my station."

"Sorry to have bothered you."

"What was that all about?"

"I'm not sure."

"Strange man."

"And terrible joke teller."

"So we having dinner tonight?"


"What, you don't like my cooking?"

"No, it's wonderful."

"It's just..."

"I'm a perfectionist."

"I'm going to keep trying until I make you the perfect meal."

"And then we stop eating together?"

"I'll have dinner with you."

"On one condition: I make it."

"I think I can accept those terms."


"Now go back to your station before the efficiency monitor catches us fraternizing."

"Can I bring you something else?"

"No, thank you."

"I haven't seen you in here before."

"You probably just didn't notice."

"Oh, I'd have noticed."

"Well, apparently you aren't as observant as you think you are."

"Oh, really?"

"I've been coming in here the same time every day for the past two weeks."

"Well, that explains it."

"I usually work nights."

"Me, too."

"At the power distribution facility."

"You see?"

"I am observant."


"I need you for a moment."

"I'll be right there."

"Listen, you should come back in when you get a night off."

"It's a lot more fun when there's a crowd."

"I don't really like crowds."

"Well then, maybe we could get together during the day sometime, take a walk by the river."

"I don't think so."

"Why not?"

"I'm a very engaging conversationalist."



"Still want to get together?"

"You're married."



"Enjoy your day."

"Chakotay: first officer's log."

"Stardate 54597.9."

"After restoring primary systems we've left the nebula to try to find the crew."

"Though there's still a lot of damage we have been able to reconfigure sensors to detect subspace mines."

"Ensign Kim's been running continuous scans but there is still no sign of our people."

"On the bright side, the ships that were searching for us seem to have given up."

"With only four people on board, repairs are going slowly."

"Computer: power to the secondary propulsion systems has been restored."

"Kim to the Doctor."

"Report to Astrometrics."

"On my way."

"Any luck?"

"I've scanned ships and planets in 83 systems."

"No humans, no vulcans, no bolians..."

"Maybe we can increase the range of the sensors by tying them into the main deflector."

"I've already done that."


"Well, we can boost resolution by..."

"I appreciate your input, doc but I didn't call you down here to help me scan."

"I'm still feeling kind of queasy from that nectar."

"I treated you days ago."

"Whatever you did hasn't worked."

"Maybe all those command subroutines are compromising your medical abilities."

"Maybe all that sarcasm is compromising your natural charm."

"I've repaired the deuterium injectors brought secondary propulsion back online and soothed Ensign Kim's upset tummy."

"Good work."

"Why don't you get started on the ruptured plasma conduits on deck ten?"

"Can't you take care of those?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"'emergency command hologram.'"

"Doesn't that suggest my place is here in Voyager's command center?"

"Look, doc, I'm impressed with the way you handled yourself while we were gone."

"But right now, we've got to prioritize."

"(beep): Kim to Chakotay."

"Go ahead."

"I've found them, Commander."

"They're on an m-class planet."

"At maximum warp, we can be there in less than three days."

"Transfer the coordinates to the helm."

"I'll be in Astrometrics."


"The command center is yours."

"Mm, smells good."

"It's only burnt on the outside."

"Your cooking console's a little temperamental."

"Did you try talking to it?"

"Once I cut off the charred part I'm sure it'll be fine."

"It's good."


"(utensils clank): let's go."


"I promised you dinner."

"We'll just have to get it somewhere else."


"I'm not really hungry."

"Are you?"


"Let's stay here."


"Chakotay: first officer's log: stardate 54608.6."

"We've traced the crew's life signs to a large city on a planet called quarra."

"Unfortunately, the local officials aren't being very cooperative."

"I have personally interviewed several of the individuals on your crew manifest."

"None of them know who you are nor have they heard of a Starship Voyager."

"I'd like to speak to them myself."

"That's not possible."

"If you're telling the truth you have nothing to lose by letting us talk to them."

"Unlike other planets in this system we grant our guest workers the full protection of our laws."

"What exactly are you protecting them from?"

"Unscrupulous individuals attempting to acquire skilled laborers."

"We're not trying to acquire laborers."

"We're trying to find our friends."

"Most of your friends have excellent positions in the central power facility in the capital."

"Why would any of them want to travel thousands of light-years to a planet on the other side of the galaxy when they have safe, comfortable lives right here?"

"Because it isn't their home."

"I suggest you look elsewhere to increase your labor supply and if you attempt to disturb any of our citizens we will respond with force."

"Any luck?"

"There's no way to beam them through the shield grid."

"Take us out of orbit."

"We're not leaving them behind."

"No, but I want these people to think we are."

"Hope the cooking console's not being temperamental again."

"Making a hot drink is one thing I can do."

"You're right--it's good."

"I told you."


"What's even better is being here with you."

"Are you comfortable?"

"The blanket's nice and warm."

"No, I mean here with me."

"I can't remember being more comfortable..."

"In my life."


"Listen, I get off work in a few minutes."

"I thought maybe you and I could go to..."

"You don't give up, do you?"

"You don't even know what I was going to say."

"Let me guess."

"You're going to invite me to take a walk by the river or maybe to your living quarters to admire the view."


"I was going to offer to introduce you to some people I met."

"A couple expecting their first baby in a few weeks."

"I thought you might want to get to know some other parents."

"You know, swap stories."

"Maybe even find a playmate for your baby."

"If it's a bad idea..."


"No, it's nice."

"Listen, I'm sorry about the other day."

"I'm the one who should be apologizing."

"I shouldn't have assumed..."

"Forget it."

"Look, it's rare that I admit I'm wrong so you might as well take advantage of it while you can."

"It's been hard..."

"Being alone with a baby coming."

"I have a habit of keeping my guard up."

"Yeah, that's understandable."

"It's just..."

"A romantic relationship is really out of the question for me right now, and..."

"How about a friend?"


"You said romance is out of the question but could you use a friend?"

"Any progress?"

"I've spoken to the Captains of eight vessels that left quarra in the last two weeks."

"No one knew anything about the crew?"


"But every one of them asked me if I was looking for employment."

"Apparently, there's a severe labor shortage throughout this system."

"There's a lot of competition for workers."

"That ambassador said most of our people were working at the main power facility."

"I wonder if they still have any positions to fill."

"I can make some inquiries."


"Because you and I are going to find ourselves jobs."

"Reentering orbit might arouse their suspicion."

"Not if we take my ship."

"Good idea, Neelix."

"Commander, you've spoken directly with several government officials."

"You could be recognized."

"Isn't reconstructive surgery one of your specialties?"

"I still say you should have posed as a talaxian."

"We'd have made a striking pair."

"Whiskers make me itch."

"How did it go?"

"As soon as I told the supervisor our qualifications he was eager to hire us."

"He even helped me get a docking permit for my ship."

"We'll be gainfully employed by tomorrow morning."

"Here you go, doc."

"Give me your hand, Mr. Neelix."

"What's this?"

"Kim: a sub-dermal transponder."

"It will allow us to maintain an open com-link so we can transport you through the shield grid if there's trouble."

"Hold position at maximum transporter range."

"Aye, sir."

"I assumed I'd be in charge during your absence, Commander."

"Excuse me?"

"An emergency command hologram programmed with over two million tactical subroutines outranks an Ensign."

"A few words to the computer and this Ensign can delete those subroutines."

"Then you'd be depriving yourself of a skilled leader for the sake of your ego."

"Oh, my ego."


"Work it out."

"Aye, sir."

"Aye, sir."

"Employee eight-five-eight-three."

"Mr. Tuvok."

"According to my re [cut off; system crash]"


"Qualification level three in microkinetics."

"You could use some improvement there."

"Level five in thermionic conversion."


"We lost a thermionic specialist yesterday."

"Did he find a better job?"

"Health problems."

"Someone you know?"

"No, just..."

"An unusual species."

"We have a diverse workforce."

"Our thermionic converters operate on a rotating frequency so they have to be closely monitored."

"You'll be required to report your readings to the controller at a regular interval."

"Any questions?"

"Are you listening to me?"

"Sorry, sir."

"I'm just excited to be here."



"It's Chakotay."

"I'm sorry?"

"I'm new here."

"The supervisor said you would be a good person to speak to if I had any questions."

"What can I help you with?"


"I just wanted to introduce myself."

"Oh, what did you say your name was?"


"Actually, that's just what my friends call me."

"My employment file lists my given name..."

"Amal kotay."

"Well, whatever your name is I'm happy to help you any way I can."



"You're experiencing a relapse of dysphoria syndrome."

"This is going to make you feel better."

"Get away from me."

"No, no, please."


"Losing my job there was the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Why's that?"

"Well, so many rules and regulations."

"It was like a military operation."

"I know what you mean."

"'report here, reroute power there.'"

"It's almost like serving aboard a Starship."

"Have you ever done that?"

"You're looking at the former Captain of his own cargo vessel."

"Hmm, must be quite a life."

"What about you?"

"Ever worked on a ship?"

"Oh, no, space travel makes me sick."


"Neelix: so, do you know most of the people that come in here?"

"A lot of them."

"This is a great place to work."

"Seems like it."

"I could put in a good word for you to my employer."

"Chakotay: ah, Neelix."

"I was wondering when you'd get here."

"Amal kotay, this is my new friend, Tom Paris."

"What can I get you?"

"That looks good."

"I was assigned to the primary fusion chamber along with mulcahey and celes."

"Neither of them recognized me."

"Let me guess."

"They really love their jobs?"

"It's like they've all been programmed to be happy here."

"It's a safe bet they're not going to leave willingly."

"Here you go."

"Hi, how was your first day?"

"Not bad."

"Would you and your friend like to join us?"

"That would be nice."

"Um, actually, I was hoping we could eat alone tonight."

"Maybe another time."

"That was rude."

"I'm sorry."

"I just, um..."

"There's something I'd like to talk to you about."


"Paris: B'Elanna."

"I'm due for a break."

"I'll walk you to the transport."

"Stop worrying, I'll be fine."

"It's not you that I'm worried about."

"The baby will be fine, too."

"So, what I was thinking is..."

"If we were to combine our resources we would reduce our expenses."

"Are you asking me to move in?"


"I know it's impulsive."


"Know we haven't known each other very long but..."

"Things are so easy when we're together."

"And I just thought i..."



"Maybe I'm out of my mind."

"But let's try it."


"Excuse me."

"It was my fault."

"I should watch where I'm going."


"How do you know my name?"

"What if I told you we were old friends?"

"That's a ridiculous story."

"I know it sounds strange but I can prove it to you."

"Look, I'm sorry, but I'm late for work."

"Let go of me!"

"I'm not going to hurt you."



"Security, help."

"Chakotay to Voyager."

"We've got B'Elanna."

"Lock on to Neelix' signal, and transport them to Sickbay."


"Help me."

"Let her go."


"Harry, I need an emergency transport now."

"Sorry, Commander, we're under attack."

"I had to raise shields."


"No, leave me alone."

"We're friends."

"We're trying to help you."

"No, don't touch me."


"He turned into the access way."

"I'll call fofor reinforcements."

"I think he went in there!"

"Be careful."

"He might be armed."

[To Be Continued...]


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