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"Workforce," Part II


Paramount pretty much owns everything you're about to read. It's their dialog, their characters, their franchise. For whatever reason, they've chosen to left me alone, and I thank them for it.

This is all meant in good fun, as though I were reciting the episode to you around the water cooler at work. You'll find the closest thing online to watching the actual episode, though I do sometimes take liberties when I think it will help the narrative. Any errors in fact or interpretation are my responsibility alone.

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Janeway shacks up with a guy she barely knows, and harbors a known fugitive. Tuvok goes nuts. Seven of Nine goes postal. Just another day at the office.

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[NOTE: this review is under construction]

Last time, on Star Trek: Voyager...

"Tuvok: I believe we know each other."

"You're Tuvok, right?"

"We met last week at the shift briefing."

"Before that."

"Before we were working here."

"No, I don't think so."

"A romantic relationship is really out of the question for me right now."

"How about a friend?"


"Could you use a friend?"

"It's nice to be in a place where different species get along so well."

"Oh, so, you admit we're getting along?"

"Kim to Chakotay."

"Chakotay: go ahead."

"I found them, Commander."

"Let go of me!"

"I'm not going to hurt you."



"Tuvok: no!"


"Chakotay: Harry, I need an emergency transport now!"

"No, leave me alone!"

"We're friends."

"We're trying to help you."

"No, don't touch me!"

"I don't believe you are who you think you are!"


"We don't belong here."

"This isn't right!"

"We don't belong here!"

"And, now, the conclusion: wait here."

"Yes, sir."

"He's deactivated a safety field."

"Alert emergency medical."

"He may have tried to jump...."

"I can't penetrate their shields."

"Maybe we don't have to."

"The battle of vorkado."

"It's in my tactical database."

"A romulan Captain disabled two attacking vessels by creating a photonic shock wave between the ships."

"How'd he do that?"

"Watch and learn."

"I don't think they'll be bothering us again."

"Good work."

"Let's go back for Chakotay."

"Five more ships on an intercept course."

"What's your tactical database telling you now?"

"Transporters are damaged, shields are failing."

"We have to retreat, come up with a new plan."


"Listen, I'm sorry about my friend."

"Excuse me?"


"He wasn't very nice when I invited you to join us."

"Are you all right?"

"I'm just a little tired."

"First day on a new job."

"I know how that can be."

"Well, I just wanted to let you know you're more than welcome to sit with us."

"Actually, I was thinking about going home."

"Well, if you change your mind, we're celebrating."

"What's the occasion?"

"I've decided to move in with jaffen."


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"Yerid, criminal investigations."

"We run an honest business."

"I'm looking for two people who disappeared after leaving here earlier this evening."

"One was a young pregnant woman..."


"You know her?"

"Oh, I knew I should have walked her to the transport."


"Did you think someone might try to hurt her?"

"This city is supposed to be safe."

"The person with her was described as short with mottled skin, facial hair..."

"Sounds like someone who was in here earlier."

"A worker from the plant."

"Do you know his name?"


"Neelix, I think."

"Did you see him talking to anyone else while he was here?"

"He had a friend."

"Amal something."

"Can you describe him?"

"I don't have to."

"He's sitting right over..."

"Ech log, stardate 54622.4."

"I've found an ingenious place to hide while we make repairs--a moon with a para-magnetic core that masks our energy signature."

"I've turned my attention to Lieutenant Torres whose treatment will also require ingenuity."

"The scan on the left was performed during B'Elanna's last physical."

"The one on the right, just a few minutes ago."

"The memory centers of her brain have been radically altered."

"People from our crew seemed to remember parts of their real lives but they got a lot of the details wrong."

"Tom knew his name, that he was from earth but he said space travel made him sick."

"Whoever did this is very sophisticated capable of selectively manipulating memory engrams."

"Some have been suppressed, some altered others left intact."

"Can you undo the damage?"

"I believe so, but it'll take some time."

"I wish I could help."

"Maybe you can."

"She'll require several treatments."

"In between, you could expose her to familiar sights and surroundings."

"Say no more."

"I'll take her on a whirlwind tour of her own life."

"Don't rush things."

"This is going to be very traumatic for her."

"Acute anxiety, depression..."

"When I interviewed him he insisted that he's not who he's supposed to be that we've..."

"'stolen his katra.'"

"Whatever that is."


"Tri-lobe regression complex, polar-affective disorder?"

"Neuropsychiatry isn't a guessing game, Doctor ravoc."

"Dysphoria syndrome."

"You have been studying my research."

"According to your work the condition is very rare."

"It is."

"I've treated this man before."

"Apparently, he has suffered a relapse."

"Recommended treatment?"

"Engramatic resequencing is typically indicated."

"You seem skeptical."

"Resequencing is a radical procedure."

"If he had a malignant tumor would you be afraid to cut it out?"


"This syndrome is just as insidious."

"It requires aggressive treatment."

"Get started."


"Help me."

"That's what we're here to do."

"I want to know the status of employee 8-5-8-3."

"Maybe it's different where you come from but here it's polite to say 'good morning.'"

"Good morning."

"Eight five eight three."

"The man who was removed by security yesterday."

"He's been hospitalized."

"Is there any reason to believe that his condition might be contagious?"

"He came in contact with other workers."

"Some of them have expressed concern."

"Well, tell them not worry."

"Am I intruding?"

"Wouldn't be the first time."

"What can we do for you?"

"I'm investigating the disappearance of two of your employees."


"Their names are Neelix and Torres."

"Both of them failed to report for work today."

"What about this man?"

"Employee 9-3-6-3."

"He didn't report for his shift either."

"I'd like to see his personnel file and I'll need to interview anyone who may know where he is."

"Why are you looking for him?"

"I believe he's responsible for the disappearance of the other two."

"You've only been here three weeks."

"Where did you get all these things?"

"I'm a collector."

"You collect spent plasma relays?"

"I like to think of it as a 'decorative object.'"

"You know..."

"I think this would look better over there."

"You're not going to start telling me how to dress, are you?"

"Where are you going?"

"To get the rest of my things."

"There's more?"



"What do you want?"

"You told me you were moving out."

"I needed a place to hide."

"Jaffen knows where I am."

"He'll come looking for me."

"I'm hoping you won't tell him I'm here."

"They say you had something to do with the disappearance of a woman at the plant."

"I did."

"Her name's B'Elanna."

"She was brought to this planet against her will."

"Something was done to her so she'd forget her real life."

"And what?"

"You helped her get home?"

"That's right."

"There are other people in this city who I'm also trying to help."

"I'm not here to hurt anyone."

"You have to trust me."

"You're pointing a weapon at me."

"Go ahead."

"Report me."

"But if you do a lot of innocent people are going to suffer."

"All I'm asking for is a place to stay until my friends come back for me."

"We're going to have to do something about that arm."

"Torres: the waiter..."

"From the tavern."

"Lieutenant Tom Paris, our pilot and B'Elanna Torres, our chief engineer."

"That picture was taken on your 'honeymoon.'"

"Isn't possible."

"How else would we have it?"

"It's an antique television."

"You gave it to Tom as a present."

"He watches 'cartoons.'"


"How do I know that?"

"Because you're starting to remember."

"I wondered why he was so protective of me."

"I'll be outside if you need me."

"Your shift ended three hours ago."

"My friend jaffen, employee 1326--he cut himself."

"Removing property from these premises is not permitted."

"I know, but he's just too stubborn to go to the hospital."

"I promise I'll have it back first thing in the morning."

"Be sure that you do."

"Display the personnel file for employee 8583."

"Computer: access restricted."

"Security clearance verified."

"Display all medical and historical data for this employee's species."

"Data unavailable."

"List all files accessed by this employee since he's been here."

"Personnel files: employee 8582: nozawa, kashimuro."

"Employee 8584: Janeway, Kathryn."

"Employee 8585: mckenzie, william."

"Employee 8586: hansen, annika."

"Employee 8587: anderson, lydia."

"Employee 8588: Torres, B'Elanna..."

"You need a Doctor."

"That'll have to wait till I'm back on Voyager."


"My ship."

"You live on board?"

"For almost Seven years."

"Don't you ever want to stay in one place?"

"You seem happy here."

"I've got a good job."

"Ever consider doing something more challenging?"

"My job's challenging enough."

"You monitor reactor coils, right?"

"You're obviously a very capable woman."

"You could probably run that power plant."

"Why would I want all that responsibility?"

"(com chirps)"

"What's that?"

"My people are trying to contact me."

"Chakotay here."

"Kim: are you okay, Commander?"

"For the time being."

"Can you get me out of here?"

"No, sir."

"We're eight light years away."

"Chakotay: how are you transmitting a signal that far?"

"We're using a triaxialating frequency on a covariant subspace band."

"It was B'Elanna's idea."

"I take it she's feeling better."

"She's responded well to treatment."

"Have you located anyone else from the crew?"

"As a matter of fact, I'm sitting with Captain Janeway right now."

"How is she?"

"A little..."


"Just like B'Elanna was at first."

"How soon can you get back into transporter range?"

"We'll need a couple more days to finish repairs."

"What about the shield grid?"

"I have an idea how to shut it down."

"Until I get back to you, let's maintain com silence just in case we're being monitored."


"Good luck, Commander."

"Why did you call me 'Captain?' because that's who you are."

"That's absurd."

"So what are you saying?"

"That I was brought here by force, too?"

"That my memories were manipulated?"

"I know it sounds strange, but..."

"Helping you was a mistake."

"Listen to me."

"There are more then a hundred members of Voyager's crew working at that power plant--your crew."

"And when our ship gets here I'll be able to prove it to you."


"I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to."

"But don't you at least want to know the truth?"

"Let me prove to you who I am."

"Hand me that dermal regenerator."

"We're the same race."

"We're more than that."

"We're friends."


"Am I hearing you correctly?"

"You're actually helping him?"

"He abducted one of the workers."

"She's a member of his crew."


"And you're the Captain."

"Don't you see?"

"He's trying to convince you that you'll have a better life if you go with him."

"Do you want to go with him?"


"Then, why are you risking everything we have?"

"I was starting to think..."

"Stay where you are."


"Chakotay: I don't know them."

"I think you do and I think you were involved in their disappearance."


"I'm not the man you're looking for."

"Yes, the witness' description doesn't fit you exactly but I'm sure that'll be explained once the Doctor here finds evidence of dermal regeneration."

"What is it?"

"Some kind of..."

"Communications device implanted under his skin."

"Remove it."

"Listen to me."

"You and I have something in common."


"We're both investigating disappearances."

"If you answer my questions I'll answer yours."

"I have an order to transfer this patient to division six."

"Division six?"


"We believe that he's mentally ill."

"He's lying."

"How could they know that?"

"They've never examined me."

"I'll come with you."

"I'm sorry, sir, but my orders are to bring him for immediate treatment."

"This man is a suspect in a serious crime."

"I'm not letting him out of my sight."

"If you check that order, you'll see it's been approved by the director of investigations."

"My real name is Chakotay."

"I'm an officer aboard the Federation Starship Voyager."

"Members of my crew were abducted and their memories were altered and they were put to work here."

"I can give you names, descriptions!"

"Listen to me!"


"Smells good."

"Pancakes with maple syrup are your favorite breakfast."

"You know..."

"Sometimes food is like time travel."

"You inhale an aroma, take a bite of something and suddenly, bam!"

"You're back at the moment you first tasted it."

"They're good."

"I'm not experiencing time travel."

"What are you reading?"

"Personal logs."

"Do you remember recording any of them?"

"Oh, they're not mine, they're tom's."

"Those are supposed to be private."

"Well, he is my husband."

"What do they say?"

"They're private."

"But the way he describes me..."

"He loves you."

"I guess so."

"How do you feel?"

"It's still a little foggy."

"That fog should lift as soon as the Doctor finishes your treatments."


"But what about the guy who recorded these logs?"

"I've been analyzing our scans of the quarren patrol ships that attacked us and I think I've devised a way of evading their sensors."

"You do have a knack for tactical planning."


"That's something I've been meaning to discuss with you."

"Once we've succeeded in this mission, and I'm certain we will I'd like you to help me program a new medical hologram."

"You don't like the idea of going back to your old job now that you've had a taste of command."

"I'm a skilled officer."

"No offense, doc, but that skill was programmed into you."


"I'm sure once you're back to your old self you'll be happy being a full-time Doctor again."

"(communications beep)"

"Commander Chakotay's hailing us."

"We're receiving you, sir."

"Go ahead."

"Chakotay (over com): I'm having trouble with my transceiver."

"This may be to last chance we have to talk."

"What's your status?"

"I'm almost ready to shut down the shield grid."

"I'm sending you encrypted instructions--they'll tell you where and when to enter orbit."

"Doctor: we have it, Commander."

"Chakotay out."

"Well, now you that you know where to find Voyager..."

"I'll have three ships with me."

"They won't escape again."

"If you'd done your job the first time we wouldn't have a problem now."

"Don't you have patients to attend to?"

"Uh, yes, sir."

"I've been thinking..."

"This is the second person we've admitted with dysphoria syndrome in two days and they both work at the power plant."

"Maybe we should issue a health alert examine the rest of the workers."

"Do you think I'm incompetent?"


"This man is in charge of personnel at the power facility."

"I've informed him of the situation."

"We're already taking steps to ensure the safety of all our employees."

"I'm sorry to have bothered you."

"No need to apologize, Doctor."

"Your concern for your patients is admirable but don't worry."

"The man is already responding to treatment."

"I expect a full recovery."

"Why would this Tuvok be collecting information about his coworkers?"

"I don't know but the name on one of those files is B'Elanna Torres."

"They both began working at the plant on the same day along with 136 others, including myself."

"What's unusual about that?"

"More than 100 skilled employees most of them the same species acquired in a single day..."

"During a labor shortage?"

"You'll also note that every one of them was processed with the central hospital when they arrived."

"It's routine for new workers to be examined."

"Yes, by quarantine control but everyone on this list--all of them--were processed through division six."

"You came through neuropathology?"

"That's what the records indicate but I don't remember being there."

"What do you expect me to do?"

"You can start by interviewing Mr. Tuvok."

"You'll find him at the hospital."

"Why is he there?"

"He became..."

"Emotionally unstable."

"Even if I wanted to help you, I couldn't."

"Why not?"

"The director of investigations relieved me of duty this morning."

"Paris: yerid, I thought that was you."

"Have you found out anything about B'Elanna?"

"He can't assist you."

"He's been relieved of duty."


"This man's also in Tuvok's file."

"What file?"

"Why don't you tell him?"

"Tell me what?"

"I can't go back to the hospital and start asking questions."

"I'd be reported."

"Maybe I can help."

"Recently, I've..."

"I'm a Doctor--you can trust me."

"I've been experiencing..."

"Some disturbing thoughts."

"I don't believe it's anything serious but I would like to speak with someone."

"Well, you've come to the right place."


"Guest labor code green employee eight five eight six."

"Hansen, annika."

"You've been a patient here before."

"Yes, when I first arrived."

"You were treated for dysphoria syndrome."

"I don't recall that."

"These disturbing thoughts you mentioned--would you characterize them as hallucinations?"

"What's the cause of this syndrome?"

"We're conducting studies to determine that."

"Fortunately, we have one of the foremost experts on the condition working here."

"I'd like to speak with this expert."


"Kadan's very busy."

"So am i."

"Perhaps I should return when he's free."

"Uh, wait here."

"I'll find him."

"(door chimes)"

"Jaffen: yes?"

"My name is yerid."

"I'm from criminal investigations."

"Jaffen: how can I help you?"

"Kathryn Janeway?"


"Do you know this man?"


"I thought maybe you'd met him."


"He was found in your former living quarters in possession of a dermal regenerator that you removed from the plant."

"I was the one who helped him."


"He said he was from a Starship..."

"And that members of his crew had been abducted."

"He was obviously lying."

"I want to know everything he told you."

"How could she just walk out?"

"She was a voluntary patient."

"There was no reason for security to stop her."

"She accessed 64 restricted files--all of them for people diagnosed with dysphoria syndrome."

"According to the records those patients were all admitted on the same day and you're listed as the attending physician in every case."

"Oh, yes, I remember."

"Quite-quite an outbreak."

"You've never mentioned it."

"Well, I'm sorry if I haven't kept you properly informed about my patients."

"Everyone of them was discharged to the main power authority."

"That supervisor you were talking to--that's where he worked."

"I explained that to you."

"I was informing him about a potential health threat."

"That plant worker, amal kotay--he claimed that his friends had been abducted and put to work after having their memories altered."

"What are you implying?"

"You're making false diagnoses selectively changing what people remember and then sending them to work at the power plant."

"Very good, Doctor."


"A physician with more experience would be able to see this in the larger context."

"The true public health threat is the labor shortage and the only cure is to find more skilled workers."

"We're Doctors."

"We're not supposed to harm patients."

"We're helping them to lead productive, happy lives."

"By altering their memories?"

"The treatment I provide improves their lives and makes them better workers."

"In turn, our economy benefits."

"You're profiting from this, aren't you?"

"Doesn't a physician deserve to be compensated for his services?"

"I'll report you."

"To whom?"

"My research is funded by the ministry of health."

"Well, criminal investigations, then."

"As you may recall the director of investigations was the one who ordered amal kotay to be placed under my care."

"Does everyone know about this?"

"Not everyone, just a few trusted associates."

"The question is..."

"Are you going to be one of them?"

"Officer: she's considered dangerous."

"She's never been in here."

"You're sure?"

"I don't think I'd forget that face."

"If you do see her, report it immediately."

"She needs to be hospitalized."

"It's safe now."

"Thank you."

"Well, if you really want to thank me you can tell me what's going on."

"It appears this Chakotay was telling the truth."

"So every worker at the plant had their memories altered?"

"I don't believe it's every worker."

"Your name didn't appear in dr."

"Kadan's patient files but mine did."

"So did yours."

"We should report this to the authorities."

"I'll need more evidence before I start making accusations."

"Chakotay said he had proof of my real identity..."

"Aboard a ship called Voyager."

"How can we locate it?"

"When his crew contacted him, they were using..."

"A triaxialating frequency on a covariant subspace band."

"There's a subspace transponder at the power plant."

"I'm going back to the plant to try to contact this ship."

"I understand if you don't want to be involved."

"I've been involved from the moment I met you."

"If I were to return to the hospital, in your custody it would give us an opportunity to help Chakotay and Tuvok."

"I had to sedate her; she wouldn't come voluntarily."

"Her condition's obviously worsened."

"I'll treat her."

"There are some other patients I'd like to interview."

"These people can't be disturbed."

"I suggest you comply."

"(door opens)"

"Be careful."

"We're being hailed."

"Doctor: on screen."

"Starship Voyager..."


"Why don't you just call me Kathryn?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Where's Commander Chakotay?"


"He told me you had proof..."

"Of who some of us really are."

"We do."

"You're the woman who was abducted."

"Chakotay was supposed to deactivate the shield grid so we could transport you and the others to safety."

"If you could find a way to shut down main power the shield grid will go down, too."

"Will you help us?"

"We're under attack."

"Three ships."

"(fritzing): please, shut down the shield grid."

"(alarm blaring)"




"(alarm blaring)"

"Don't move!"



"I hope you didn't think I abandoned you."

"Never occurred to me."

"We need to shut down the main generators."

"So much for evading their sensors."

"The only way they could've found us is if they knew exactly where to look."

"Transporters are off-line."

"We'll never get to the generator controls."

"Maybe we don't have to."

"What are you doing?"

"If I can make the computer think the core is going to overload the main power should automatically shut down."

"Ask them to give us some privacy."

"You're dismissed."

"Disconnect them."



"Why is this man here?"

"Dysphoria syndrome."


"We're losing shields."

"Any advice from your tactical database?"

"Nothing relevant."

"How many escape pods do we have left?"


"Stand by to eject three of them."

"I don't think abandoning ship is the answer."

"Neither to i."

"Can you create a dampening field around the briefing room that'll mask our life signs?"

"I believe so."


"Watch and learn."

"Your crew's abandoned you again."

"I suggest you surrender your vessel."

"You should realize by now that I'm not programmed to do that."

"Bravo, Ensign."

"B'Elanna, I need those transporters."

"You better hurry up."

"Come on..."

"Do it."

"Computer: warning: core overload detected."

"Initiating emergency shutdown."

"(power shuts off)"

"Their shield grid's failing."


"Transporters are coming on-line..."


"Doctor: ech log, supplemental: all the crew have been transported back to Voyager and thanks to my experience with Lieutenant Torres their treatment is proceeding rapidly."

"While they're recovering I still have a few command duties left to perform."

"If it weren't for your efforts this whole conspiracy might never have been uncovered."

"What'll happen to the workers?"

"Well, we've identified several thousand of dr."

"Kadan's patients."

"Once they're treated, they'll be repatriated."

"We appreciate everything you've done."

"This way."


"(laughing continues)"


"What's that for?"

"For taking care of me even when you didn't know who I was."


"What was that for?"

"Flirting with your customers."

"I was a victim of mind control."



"I can see why you'd rather live here."

"I'd offer you a position."

"I could always use another skilled engineer but as a Captain..."

"It wouldn't really be appropriate for me to..."

"Fraternize with a member of your crew."

"Well, at least my memories weren't tampered with. According to the medical reports I really did come to quarra looking for a better life and now that I've been promoted, I guess I've succeeded."


"They had to replace our shift supervisor--something about acquiring workers illegally?"

"Congratulations. You deserve it."

"I thought you might like these back...To remind you of our time together."

"I won't need souvenirs to remember you."

"Captain on the bridge!"

"Ready to go?"

"It may not have been real, Chakotay, but it felt like home. If you hadn't come after me I never would've known that I had another life."

"Are you sorry I showed up?"

"Not for a second."

"Resume course, Mr. Paris."

"Paris: aye, sir."


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