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As you know, I'm a modest guy. If anyone's going to plug me shamelessly, it's me; I get embarrassed when others praise me, because they might mean it. At least when I plug myself, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek.

Nevertheless, it seems I've gathered some attention lately. And once my main index page passed its 100,000th access, I thought it might be fun to provide a sampling of what the critics, other web sites, and regular readers like you are saying about this page and its humble, chatty host.

Red Squad Award Red Squad Award
(98.11.29) "I've been a loyal follower of your site for a long time and have recently been accepted into the Red Squad Web Award judging team. I am pleased to tell you that you're page has been rated 9 out of 10....Excellent Content, every episode covered with extensive spolier reviews, as well as novel synopses, parodies as well as links. Excellent layout, and fast-loading. An example of all-round excellence!"
December 1998 Site of the Month STARFLEET JOURNAL
(98.11.29) (December 1998 Site of the Month)
YIL December 1998 Yahoo Internet Life (December 1998)
(98.11.29) My review of "Scorpion, Part I" gets a mention in the "Battle of the Starfleet Captains" feature, used to compare Janeway's tactical skills. (Janeway tied for last with Captain Kirk; Picard won. Don't blame me...her worst scores in the, er, libido departments.)
Parody Award Lady Dameon's P Award
(98.11.29) Poor Lady Dameon. She figured the only way to get me to get off my lazy behind and link to her page was to give me an award. The sad thing is, she's apparently right. [sigh] This, she tells me, is for my "Best of Both Girls" story. (P is for "parody")....
YIL December 1998 Lady Dameon's S Award
(98.11.29) ...and S is for "Site".
YIL December 1998 Lady Dameon's S Award
(98.11.29) ...and S is for "Site".
Cheile's Shamrock Award May 1998 Cheile's Shamrock Award (May 1998)
This award is given to the best DS9 or Voyager site of the month.
YPN: TREK (the Queen Mother of Links)
"Jim Wright is a guy with a lot to say. If you want a complete synopsis of and commentary on every Voyager episode, along with an in-depth analysis the series as a whole, Jim's site is the place for you. His Short Attention Span reviews, working on a rating system from "Perfect 10 Transwarp Instant Classic" down to "Moored in spacedock," are both funny and thoughtful. Wright warns you if there are spoilers in the review. And he makes a number of good points -- if the crew of Voyager is in such a hurry to go home, why haven't they put the Kazon and the Vidiians far behind them?"
Simon's Pages - Trek Links and ratings (Germany)
This was my first Cool Site award, and my first International one as well. I'm very popular abroad, it seems, where Voyager episodes take a while to appear. I'm sure nepotism (my German ancestors) has nothing to do with it. (Link broken--you still out there, Simon?)
Star Trek Voyager: Starfleet Database (Germany)
( Top Award, April 2, 1997: "THE site for Voyager reviews!")
"Once in a while, on my long voyages through the WorldWideWeb, I come across pages that simply deserve admiration. Either they excel through compelling graphic composition, or it is ingenious simplicity that catches my eye. Also the topics they have devoted themselves to are sometimes astonishing."
Ross Glenn has himself one heck of a reviews page, and I'm not just saying that because he gave me a good rating. It's heavy on the graphics, using the LCARS format that TNG made famous--but he's added a low-tech version for quick searching. Its best feature is the over 1300 (and still growing) strong list of reviewed sites, listing strengths and weaknesses. If you're looking for a site, you'll get great info here.
Star Trek: WWW
The first and biggest of the rated Star Trek review pages. Luca Sambucci does a phenomenal job. If you're looking for a Trek site -- ANY Trek site -- I'd be surprised if you didn't find it here.
Total TV Top Ten Site Total TV Top Ten
Total TV named me one of their "top ten" Star Trek: Voyager sites.
Mr. Media Mr. Media Featured Site
Yes, I was once selected as one of Mr. Media's World Famous Web Sites of the Week. If you haven't met Mr. Media yet, you owe it to yourself--imagine me on a grander scale and with a better editor.
CINESCAPE Magazine Cinescape Magazine
Their website isn't up yet, but I got notification in June 1997 that I was one of their Editor's Picks. When the site's up and running, you'll be able to link there from here.
Best of Voyager FanFic! Best of Voyager FanFic (Humor)
My short story "Best of Both Girls" earned this award less than a week after posting. The judges pick the best of online Voyager fan fiction in a variety of categories, and provide links to the stories and judge reviews. This one means a lot, actually; I haven't written fiction--my first love--in a while and it's nice to know some folks think I have a talent for it.
Cantril's Continuum - Captain Cantril's Continuum (Captain)
I didn't see a web site associated with this, but someone sent me this image, and it had four pips on it, so...what the heck. Thanks, dude!
Thumbs up from MCHS Michigan City High School
"It isn't on the net but on the bulletin board of cool sites to visit at my H.S. (My school is tech shy, I mean pushpins and paper type bulletin board. Plus it is there all summer, I know I help run summer math classes.)you have been posted six times by people. Not all of whom are trekkers. In other words two thumbs waaaaay up from MCHS."
Just Too Darn Long Wordy Bastards Hall of Fame
I guess I asked for this one....
Yahoo Internet Life, Dec 1997 Yahoo Internet Life (December 1997)
No real award here, just a mention of "Delta Blues" on the Science Fiction Star Map that accompanied the December 1997 issue.
Another mention, this one on The Site, the online companion to the ZDNET/MSNBC show. Delta Blues is one of the four Voyager links listed.
Market-Tek Design Award Market-Tek Design Award
This came more for the design than the content, I think. Ah well. Stars is stars.
Amargosa Observatory Amargosa Observatory
"Check out this complete guide to the newest Star Trek series! This site features series news, episode and novel reviews, columns, fiction, humor, and more about the world of Voyager... Have fun and find what you want at the same time here!"
YOUR AWARD HERE Do you feel like praising me?
Not that I encourage this sort of thing, but if you'd like to give me an award, I'll be happy to put it here. I'm not picky; if you're putting together the "wordy bastards hall of fame" website, I'm not going to sweep it under the covers.

Now that the official kudos are out of the way, let's hear what the man and woman on the street has to say about DELTA BLUES.

(May 1999)

Thought you'd like to know - I printed off your "Juggernaut"
review and took it to work with me (I can spend quite a
while waiting around in office foyers for the 'right person' to
sign for a delivery), so I tucked the pages into my bib/dungerees
ready to whip 'em out to pass the time. 

Yesterday, I plonked myself down in an office corner to wait
and pulled out your review, a few minutes later a lovely, sing-song
sexy voice drawls, "Oh, Jim Wright - I never miss his reviews!" 

On my life Jim, the most stunning red-head I've ever clapped
eyes on! He looked like he could play rugby for the Pontypool
front-row all on his own! Shoulders to land a Harrier on! 

We chatted for a while about Voyager - He talked B'Elanna,
I talked Chakotay :) So, Daffydd (Pron: Darvith) from Cardiff
says "Hi! Thanks for keeping me up todate :)" 

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