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  21 Feb 2000

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Seven of Nine, by Ric Machin (click for full-size image)

Delta Tales
Jim ventures beyond his reviews

The reviews take up most of my time, but every so often I get the urge to write something original, in and out of Star Trek.

The Best of Both Girls: Janeway of Borg

This began as a one-shot What-If, an alternative ending to the third season cliffhanger, "Scorpion." I brought Voyager home--just in time for the Dominion war. People demanded more of the award-winning concept. And more. Eventually it became a real story, and a small novel. Thanks to all who prodded me to continue.

To those who still want more--write it yourself. If that interests you, email me. I've had one taker so far; look for it soon.

Selected Comments:

"It got me reading for a whole night, causing instant insomnia and an incredible need to read this story!"

"Damn...that was GOOD."

"Fantastic fiction. I was hooked from the word go"

"It got better all the way!"

"I loved the whole story, especially how you threw in little J/C bits!"

"Sigh. The best, funniest, most true-to-Trek fanfic I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you so much, Jim!"

"Wow! What can I say? Loved it, and so do the rest of my Physics class! Thanks!"

"What else can fill the non screening period so well?! A nice introduction to DS9 & Next Gen for a Voyager fan too."

"I liked it, especially how you brought in the book series."

"Thank You for such an entertaining story. Seeing the Borg the way you penned it gives a more 'humane' view of their existence. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"I stumbled upon the story at 2:30 A.M. on a snowy day, and it gave me a reason to stay up ... I LOVED IT!!!"

"An amazing story from an amazing writer!"

"It was amazing - I loved every minute of it. I feel that you have captured the feel of Captain Janeway perfectly. Keep writing!"

"All I can say is...WOW!!"

"Chapters 1-9: Excellent. Chapters 10,11, epilogue--the subtle parody changed to some slapstick. Still enjoyable."

"FRIENDS in space: IT SUCKED" (Oh well--can't please 'em all . . .)

Other Voyager/Trek Fiction

Some poetry, some fiction, some humor in the Voyager setting

Non-Trek Fiction

These stories have been previously published. Though these represent some of my earliest writing efforts, I'm still proud of them--they made print, and I got paid.

Jim's Rants and Tangents

Some of these are pitiful, but a few I'm still proud of, and some continue to get a positive reaction.

These are all first drafts--some just barely.

Jim's Pals (Other Trek Writers)

This isn't a comprehensive list--maybe one day.

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