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Enhanced for Netscape -- Style Over Substance?

I'd held out as long as I could, but I finally gave in. If you've got the new Netscape 1.1N or any of its betas, you can see the pretty backgrounds (Netscape Enhanced Hall of Shame Approved! Texture Land background #56), stupid font tricks, and the occasional centered item. Oh, and you don't have to look at that hideous throbbing N with the shipping version. I tried to be tasteful, but even so it's all pretty minimal for Netscape Enhanced -- I figure that even in cyberspace, it's still the writing that counts. You can take dog doo, sculpt it like Rodin's The Thinker, spritz on some Chanel No. 5...and even though it's impressive and pretty and smells nice, it's still dog doo.

Hopefully, this is a step or two above the overhyped, overformatted crap you're used to seeing. Even if it doesn't have a plethora of bandwidth-clogging multimedia clips from my Boston vacation, pictures of me naked in San Tropez with Teri Hatcher, audio samples of my tenor solo at the Cathedral of the Madeline, links to every seedy rest stop on the Info Highway that I bogarted from some horndog AOL'er, or shameless plugs for everything I own that I consider myself completely cool/hip/trendy/wired for having....

...On second thought, I do have to say...
I love my Zip Drive!
[Cough] Sorry. Back to the Home page, already in progress.

Last Updated: April 27, 1996

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