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   23 Feb 2003

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Miscellaneous Links

Link Graveyard--If you know the current address, let me know.

  • Bring Back Voyager: Ames, Iowa petition page--hopefully the fact that it's not working means that Voyager is back in Ames.
  • Hans Gautam's Voyager reviews: I think.
  • Red Squad: Seems to be there, but GeoCities never lets you stay for long
  • Trek:IMHO: Brian Wicks, fellow columnist at the old Mission Profile--funny, smart, highly readable stuff.
  • Top 50 Star Trek Websites
  • Laura's PT '4' Ever Page:
  • Lady Firebird's Voyager Page: Links, fanfic, etc.
  • P/T Quarters: a Paris Torres Page
  • UK Unofficial ST:Voyager Home Page
  • Voyages That Might Have Been: A collection of original Voyager scripts.
  • Katarina's Corner: "Da Vinci does the Delta Quad"
  • Annorax's NEW Star Trek: Voyager Database: Annorax's NEW site includes the latest Voyager news, reviews of recent episodes and information about many aspects of the show. Includes Australian video release dates and TV schedule (when available).
  • Star Trek Voyager news, crew, pictures: Netherlands Voyager site
  • Fashion Voyager: Where the world of fashion and the Delta Quadrant collide
  • Star Trek on the Brain: A book coming out looking at human psychology through the alien minds presented in the various Trek series.
  • Andrea's Voyager Page: Reviews, fanfic, and links
  • Star Trek Lives!!!: A response page, the alternative view to all those "Save Star Trek" sites. If you DON'T think Rick, Brannon, Jeri, et al. are killing Trek, you're not alone.
  • Evan's Borg Cube: Ken of Borg's Page. Links to other Borg resources, Jeri Ryan info, etc.
  • To the Moon and Back: A Paris/Torres Page
  • Byron's Voyager Page: A "Pretty Darn Good" Voyager page. Check it out.
  • L. McCabe Fan Fiction: Mostly J/C stories.
  • K.T. Mastin's Slightly Non-Canon Voyager Scripts: "Dedicated to the freelance writers of Star Trek," this site is useful for anyone hoping to submit a script to the show, or read sample scripts. Recommended!
  • USS Voyager: Resource-intensive, visually stunning Voyager site (URL updated 04-04-98).
  • Deck Nine: News, reviews, fiction, info about this week's and next week's episode from well-placed sources. Check it out.
  • Seth Dilday's STARDATE
  • The #Ready Room: Voyager Multimedia, links, IRC
  • Joshua's Voyager Site
  • Star Trek: Voyager News (Vidiot Mirror)
  • Voyager Voyeur: Witty, philosophical, and concise reviews.
  • The Kate Mulgrew Home Page: An unofficial but excellent Kate Mulgrew resource. Some very cool Kate images.
  • Trek Writers Guild: Want to write for DS9 or VOY? This page may help put you on the right track.
  • Malocite's Star Trek Home Page: Mostly Links for all series, with some commentary and opinion.
  • sector-47: Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine Episodes
  • The Core: Complete Resource for Trek webmasters
  • DS9 Episodes Page: Episode information, links to Tim Lynch reviews
  • NASA's Lunar Replicator Proposal: An interesting proposal for real-life space exploration.
  • Caleb's Star Trek Web Page: Links and some Seven of Nine images
  • My Star Trek Universe (No longer a Trek page)
  • Amargosa Observatory: "Created for Star Trek fans who were tired of searching through hundreds of pages to find what they wanted, who weren't interested in sites with heavy Java-script and graphics but little content, and who don't need a list of each and every fan page on the web..."
  • Michael's Star Trek Page: Star Trek all flavors. Many links, pictures.
  • Renegade TrekList 1998: A terrific collection of ranked Trek sites, well organized, and the ability to choose the best browser view for your needs. Highly recommended.
  • Starfleet Communications Relay: Live chats, message forums, and a ground-floor chance to be a "partner site." Cosponsored by TREKNEWS, the folks who bring you Mission Profile.
  • Star Trek and Sci Fi Links Database: Jerome's list of recommended Star Trek and general SF sites. LCARS.
  • Star Trek universe cards: If you do the Trek card games, you can buy them here.
  • Denara's Strange Lights Home Page: Stuff on all Trek series, and more.
  • USS Tristar: Tennessee Starships and Trek Trivia games
  • Richie's Enterprise: Reviews, fiction, etc.
  • Starbase 907: Starfleet Ship Registry Database (Impressive if you have a frames-capable browser)
  • Save Star Trek Campaign Headquarters: The strongest argument yet for making caffeine a controlled substance.
  • Yuan-Ming's Star Trek Universe: Chok-Full-o-Trek-Stuff, as cool as it is comprehensive.
  • Mikael's Star Trek Web Page
  • Star Trek: WWW (Trek links Reviewed)
  • Andrew Tong's ST:TNG Page
  • SOS Home Page: Where you can rate Trek episodes
  • Strange Things DCU: Links for all Trek series
  • Ivy's Star Trek WWW: Trek links, images and sounds.
  • MAF's WWW Coordinates for Star Trek: All series covered, and Captain Sulu championed, here.
  • Star Trek Collectibles Trading Post

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