I LOVE John Tesh. He's my favorite artist. I've had many interests in my life, but none--not even Star Trek--comes close to the joy that is Tesh.

From Entertainment Tonight to Live at Red Rocks, the man is simply my idol. Clean cut, nice guy, married to Connie Selleca. What's not to like?

Here are some links. You will become a fan.

Email me - Let's Talk Tesh!

Some Nice Sites Some Not-so-Nice Sites

TESH.COM - The official site!

One of my favorite albums!
Link to One World & Grand Passion

Hear John's Grand Passions!
Grand Passions (RealAudio)

Tesh cares about your health!
HomeArts: Celebrity Health Watch

More praise for the master
iMusic Contemporary Showcase - John Tesh

Priceless Gems
from the Windham Hill years

Tesh - A Windham Hill Retrospective

Tesh Rocks!
Great pictures of The Tesh! and More!

Tesh @ CD Universe
Hear Tesh!  Buy Tesh!  Be one with Tesh!

Tesh @ CDNOW
Another cool place to Buy Tesh

Some people are so MEAN!!!
Punch John Tesh

How could they do this to Tesh!?!?
Celebrity Deathmatch - Tesh vs. Hasselhoff