07 FEB 2004

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Penguin Batting! [2/07/2004] Blasts From The Past

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ENTERPRISE ENDING (2-FEB-2005) I heard the news today. ENTERPRISE is ending after four seasons, rather than the seven reached by TNG, DS9 and Voyager. I know it has some very intense, loyal fans, and I mourn with them and with those who have poured their energies into creating the series, but hope that -- since you'll be left wanting more when this season ends -- that you'll do like we old-timers did when the original series ended in 1969: keep hope alive, and use the networking tools of the 21st century to keep the crew alive as well and boldly going wherever your imaginations lead.
I know the (professional) Trek void will be filled again, in time. As Willy Wonka would say, "we are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams" (Arthur O'Shaughnessy). So dream, compose, and share. Perhaps the next incarnation of Trek resides in your own heart and mind, itching to be born. Take the time to enjoy the Enterprise episodes remaining, take time to mourn...and then, take the gloves off and get busy.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!??" - Part II (Feb 1, 2005) How time flies. 2004 turned out to be one very eventful year for me and mine. But marrying a non-Trekkie means I didn't get much TV watching in...and what I did get, was mostly on TLC. Since I doubt anyone wants to read my punch-ups of Trading Spaces...Life is pretty good, but I do very much miss being knee-deep in the episodic hoopla.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!??" (Feb 7) It's a long story. But in short, I've spent the last three years getting various pieces of my life in order. It seems to have worked. I'm getting married!

Her name is Marie, and she's a slice of Fair Haven (only real). We're getting hitched March 20 in Los Angeles, with receptions here and in Colorado.

(And yes, Marie IS a redhead. Or ought to be.)

NEW HOST (FEB 7) DELTA BLUES returns, after several years of freeloading, to self-hosting. All future ads, popups, spams, shameless pleas for cash and gifts--hey, I got a family to support!--etc., are therefore my own responsibility. My thanks to Jason at Treknews and Owen at 3sygma, but the time seemed right.

CONTENT: Some new -- and old, but newly available here -- material will be showing up soon. I'd also be happy to take on an Enterprise writer again, if anyone's got the fortitude to try. I may even try redesigning the site to make it more 21st-century-ish...but then again, maybe not.

I have not abandoned my promise to finish the missing Season 7 reviews. But it's going to take a while. Okay, a while longer.

One more thing. Each "Full Season" download--yes, they're back--is now found at the top of each Season's table. Not as convenient for the grab-and-go folks, but...tough. It won't kill you to scroll.

STARFLEET JOURNAL: (FEB 7) A while back, predating even the server issues, I had a series of nonrecoverable drive crashes on several PCs and lost files AND email. (As a side note, my nephews are available for freelance demolition projects.) Someone had graciously sent me a whole bunch of my old columns from Starfleet Journal and its predecessor, Mission Profile, but I didn't burn them to CD in time. Short version: if you're still out there, I'd love to hear from you again so I can give those old columns a new home. Thank you.

Speaking of Starfleet Journal, beware - that site is now an Adult Swim area. Sadly, it's not the first time a Trek site went "Mirror, Mirror" and grew a porn goatee. I'd rather not link to that stuff, even when it's Trek-themed.

I catch enough grief for my PG-13 level smut.

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