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(Updated February 7, 2004)

My eagerness to retire from reviewing has made the ENTERPRISE side of this site very, very skimpy. I'm torn as to what to do about it. Reviewing the episodes myself - in the DELTA BLUES style - is not possible, given my life at the moment. Heck, I'm barely watching television these days. The best choice may be to simply offer links to whatever Enterprise sites are out there, and keep the site's main focus on Voyager. I'm open to suggestions.

The dirty little secret about the DELTA BLUES format is that the average review takes between six (skimpy) and fifteen (verbose) hours to write, depending on the level of detail and embellishment. Timeliness is good, but for those who may have to wait years to see the episodes, quality and detail is this site's priority.

For now, if you want reviews the way I like reviews, my only offering is my Voyager site. If you know any similar sites for Enterprise, please let me know.


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