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September 1996 to May 1997

Overall, this was one of my favorite seasons. There was an element of fun that seemed largely missing from the second season. They also made measurable progress homeward, keeping with the assumed premise of the series, and encountered some old, er, friends.

It wasn't unremitting excellence, but the third season was (for me) a joy to watch and review.

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Episode Description
[**5**] Basics Part II [SEASON PREMIERE] Chakotay wins on appeal. Suder, Paris and Holodoc collect. Hogan gets eaten by a guest-beast from the Action Pack.
[***1/2] Flashback Tuvok dreams he's Sylvester Stallone in "Cliffhanger"
[****] The Chute (Me) Tom and Harry fight for the right to say "I am Spartacus!"
[***1/2] The Chute (A. Miller) Ashley Miller gives a more cerebral take on the most controversial episode to date
[***1/2] The Swarm Doc loses his mind, Janeway walks across a DQ neighbor's lawn
[**1/2] False Profits Reformed" Ferengi demigods allow their bronze-age womenfolk to walk around half-clothed instead of fully unclothed like Decent Ferengi.
[***1/2] Remember B'Elanna Torres accuses my favorite character actor of genocide.
[***1/2] Sacred Ground Janeway goes where Chakotay hasn't gone before
[****] Future's End, Part I Janeway must save the world from the evil machinations of Ed Begley, Jr.
[****] Future's End, Part II Holodoc kicks hiney on some Arizona Militiamen. Tuvok washes down a burrito with a Monster Gulp.
[***] Warlord Kes enters her Terrible Twos in a big way.
[****] The Q and the Grey Q introduces Janeway to a Big Bang of a different kind.
[**1/2] Macrocosm Captain Janeway was Signorney Weaver in a previous life. (Alien or Ghostbusters? Your call.)
[**1/2] Fair Trade Troubled-Teen Neelix hangs out with the wrong crowd on a Very Special Voyager.
[***1/2] Alter Ego Harry and Tuvok lock horns over some Holo-pursuits.
[***] Coda Jeri Taylor makes me a liar: We see Vidiians again, over Janeway's dead body.
[****] Blood Fever B'Elanna's got Blood Fever, Vorek's got Pon Farr, and Paris has a serious case of tent-pole. It's Springtime!
[**5**] Unity Hey, look, a broken Borg cube! Let's play Auto Club and give them a jump start...."
[****] Unity (Ashley Miller) Once again, I invite Ashley Miller to provide a Guest Review for his splendid insights into "Unity."
[*] The Darkling Holodoc finally picks a name to suit his mood: Mengele.
[***] Rise Tuvok cops a 'tude, gets a rise out of Neelix on a misssion of mercy.
[***] Favorite Son Yet another traumatic event in the life of Harry Kim...alien-spawned Pompatus of Love.
[****] Before and After Kes follows in Merlin's youthening footsteps.
[***1/2] Real Life Doc gets a family. Too bad it's the Bundy family.
[****] Distant Origin Jurassic Park meets Star Trek. Literally.
[**5**] Displaced As the season nears its end, we find the crew going out, not with a bang or a whimper, but to the muted strain of "na na, na-na NA na, HEY HEY hey, Good-bye." Ack.
[**5**] Worst Case Scenario Chakotay decides being a Maquis ain't so bad after all.
[****] Scorpion, Part I [SEASON FINALE] The Borg get stomped. Harry Kim gets transmogrified. Janeway gets an idea. I smell a Cliffhanger....
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