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January 1995 to May 1995

This is the way the series begins: with a 60% load.

Star Trek: Voyager launches in the first hour of the first night of the UPN network, as the flagship of Paramount's effort to follow in Fox's footsteps.

No offense to Pig Sty and Homeboys in Outer Space intended, but given Voyager's UPN company, its theme music should have been Sesame Street's "One of these things is not like the other." The decision to make the fourth Star Trek series the anchor of a new network is controversial, and will have serious ratings repurcussions down the road. But for this first mini-season, it's a bold move, taking Melrose Place head-on. Melrose took the night, but Voyager went the distance.

Despite some missteps, the conflicts and crusades established from the beginning make Voyager's first season an interesting one. Not everyone liked it, but Voyager's innovations also attracts its share of loyalists, and fans of characters and relationships take little time to dig in for the long haul.

Episode Description
[***] Caretaker, Part I [Series Premiere] The Pilot: A three hour tour strands two ships and their motley crews a long way from home....
[****] Caretaker, Part II The Pilot continues: rounding out the cast and conflicts, and Paris acts heroic.
[***1/2] Parallax "So you wanna be Chief Engineer? Get us out of this black hole, then we'll talk."
[**] Time and Again Janeway and Paris go back in time to prevent their own rescue. Sorta.
[****] Phage "Buddy, can you spare a set of lungs?" Overzealous ugly organ harvesters.
[**1/2] The Cloud "He ain't nebulous, he's my brother." Yet Another Smart Cloud Episode. (YASCE)
[***1/2] Eye of the Needle Harry's discovery of the universe's smallest wormhole leads to retro Romulans.
[***1/2] Ex Post Facto Tom Paris gets lucky, then gets convicted. Harry gets beat up. Tuvok gets Columbo's trenchcoat.
[***] Emanations Harry Kim breaks on through to the Other Side. The first of many long, strange trips for the boy.
[***1/2] Prime Factors Fantasy Island in Space. Harry travels 40,000 lightyears on a first date.
[***] State of Flux A traitor aboard Voyager is unmasked.
[****] Heroes and Demons Holodoc does Beowulf when Harry gets swallowed by Grendel.
[**] Cathexis Voyager's answer to "Spock's Brain": Chakotay's Soul.
[***1/2] Faces Torres is beside herself, as "Phage" aliens return.
[**1/2] Jetrel Neelix comes clean on his war record.
[****] Learning Curve [Season Finale] Tuvok turns drill sergeant in Maquis boot camp, as cheese threatens the ship.
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