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Voyager Reviews - Season Seven [< PREV]

September 2000 to May 2001

They made it!

Seven seasons. On UPN. That's gotta mean something.

There were loose ends to tie up. Character fantasies to play out (not necessarily those the fans hoped for, witness Chakotay and Seven of Nine). Futures to settle. And a few surprises to unleash.

It was not a season that pleased everyone. Not by a long shot. But it was still more than decent television.

I didn't fare so well. My journey in some ways mirrored Voyager's own; in seven years I'd had several jobs, long stretches of unemployment, serious health problems, killer depression; I lived in four states and three time zones. I was burned out by other life events long before the final season began; I crawled gasping over the finish line, with a half dozen or so checkpoints left untouched.

Many guest reviewers helped fill in blanks (gratefully acknowledged below); several gaps remain. (Anyone feel like taking a crack at an "incomplete" review?)

I'm by no means "tanned, rested and ready," but my four year bout with writers block is starting to ebb. The site redesign is refamiliarizing me with the series and my writing style (how did I write so much?)

Season 7 is out on DVD now, and I have the first disc in hand. I can't promise a regular schedule of releases, but after so many years, anything will hopefully be received as a pleasant surprise. So please bear with me. I'll get to them.

Download this season as a ZIP file (722Kb)

Episode Description
[***1/2] Unimatrix Zero, Part II [Season Premiere] Janeway lays the smack down on the Collective. [INCOMPLETE]
[***1/2] Imperfection Seven's warranty expires. Bye-bye to Borg babies.
[***1/2] Imperfection (Guest Review by Heather Jarman)
[***1/2] Drive Tom puts the pedal to the medal, and a knee to the ground.
[****] Drive (Guest review by Heather Jarman)
[**] Repression (Co-author: Mary Weiceck) That's Tuvok in the corner. That's him in the spot. Light. Losing his volition...
[****] Critical Care Dr. Kevorkian to surgery...Dr. Kevorkian to surgery...
[***] Inside Man (Co-author: Sara Wilcox) Real Barclay heads to Holo-Voyager. Holo-Barclay heads to real Voyager. Deanna Troi heads to beach blanket bingo.
[***1/2] Body and Soul The EMH discovers the pleasures of the flesh. Seven endures the consequences.
[**1/2] Nightingale (Co-author: Sara Wilcox) Ensign Kim gets his chance to play Captain Harry. Janeway's job is safe for a while.
[N/R] Flesh and Blood, Part I The Hirogen program the perfect prey. (Follow-up to "The Killing Game") [INCOMPLETE]
[N/R] Flesh and Blood, Part II "We hold these truths to be self-evident--that all holograms are programmed equal..." [INCOMPLETE]
[***] Shattered (Co-author: Cathy Person) Chakotay gives Janeway a tour of the future.
[***1/2] Lineage B'Elanna wants designer genes for her daughter.
[***] Repentance Just in time for the Bush administration--a death penalty episode.
[***1/2] Prophecy Just in time for B'Elanna's Baby Shower: the Klingons drop in for a visit.
[N/R] The Void "Alliances" meets "Night". Can Janeway recreate the Federation in Darwin's waiting room? [INCOMPLETE]
[N/R] Workforce Doc takes over the ship. Janeway gets a day job and a boyfriend. [INCOMPLETE]
[N/R] Workforce, Part II Doc gives back the ship. Janeway gives up her day job and the boyfriend. [INCOMPLETE]
[***1/2] Human Error (Co-author: Russdog) Seven of Nine, jealous of Janeway, gets her own holographic boy toy. With a tattoo, no less.
[N/R] Q2 Guess who's back. And guess who's coming with him. [INCOMPLETE]
[N/R] Author, Author Doc writes a thinly-veiled screed against holographic oppression...and finds that the only thing worse than being disrespected by one's colleagues is being loved by a publishing house. [INCOMPLETE]
[***] Friendship One Voyager gets a mission--track down an old Earth probe sent out to say Howdy to our space neighbors. A happy task...right?
[***] Natural Law Chakotay and Seven of Nine get back to Nature in a big way, and discover that Nature sucks.
[**5**] Homestead Neelix makes some big decisions when he runs into some fellow Talaxians.
[****] Renaissance Man We discover that the Doctor is a lot more versatile than we previously realized.
[****] Endgame (Finale, Pt1) Meanwhile, back in the future...
[****] Endgame (Finale, Pt2) [Series Finale] The galaxy just ain't big enough for a Borg Queen and TWO Janeways.
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