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September 1999 to May 2000

Ah, Season Six.

The JetC contingent took Braga off their Prixin list when he gave Janeway a digital boy toy. There's plenty of high concept, as well as some lowest common denominator -- If ya smeeeeelllllalalalalaow! What The Rock! Is! Cookin... Extreme Action, Extreme Passion, Extreme objectification and adjectivication....

We even picked up a litter of new recurring characters, giving Seven of Nine a chance to learn how to play momma.

I enjoyed it, but in the third season of Exhaustively Comprehensive reviews, I was showing the strain. Reviews began coming in late. The selfish part of me hoped the rumors for an abbreviated series run were true, just so I could rest. I still liked watching the show - very much - but was losing a taste for the writing. It may have shown from time to time.

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Episode Description
[***1/2] Equinox, Part II [Season Premiere] Janeway dons her Ahab cap...again.
[***1/2] Survival Instinct Seven of Nine encounters some old Drone buddies.
[****] Barge of the Dead B'Elanna Torres goes to Klingon Hell.
[****] Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy Doc gets in touch with his inner Reg Barclay and scores the Trekkie his DREAMS!
[**1/2] Alice Tom gets a new yummy toy to play with.
[**1/2] Alice (Guest review by Heather Jarman)
[***] Riddles When Tuvok loses his mind, he and Neelix become fast friends.
[***] Dragon's Teeth History's Most Dangerous Species takes Voyager at least ten whole minutes to annihilate.
[**5**] One Small Step Seven of Nine gains a greater appreciation for the Mars program.
[***] The Voyager Conspiracy Seven of Nine Deep Throats the whole Delta Quadrant boondoggle.
[**5**] Pathfinder Meanwhile, back in the Alpha Quadrant...
[***] Fair Haven Janeway looks for lovin' in virtual space.
[***] Blink of an Eye Time flies--I mean, really flies--when you're knee-deep in tachyons.
[***] Virtuoso The Doctor becomes bigger than Elvis. Harry dies--so to speak.
[***1/2] Memorial The crew gets an unwanted lesson in guilt.
[***1/2] Tsunkatse Seven of Nine joins the WWF. "47 Quatloos against the newcomer."
[**] Collective Seven adopts a Collective.
[**] Spirit Folk Yet Another Holodeck Malfunction (YAHM) mucks up Janeway's Saturday evening plans.
[***1/2] Ashes to Ashes Harry's bad-luck dating streak now includes the dearly departed. Seven plays wicked stepmother.
[***] Child's Play Icheb is shocked when his birth parents tell him he was adapted. [sic]
[***1/2] Good Shepherd Mama Kate takes a road trip with a few of her problem children.
[***1/2] Live Fast and Prosper is it Janeway, or is it Memorex?
[****] Muse B'Elanna becomes a playwright's inspiration. Nobody knows what happened to Harry.
[*] Fury Kes is back. And she's not happy. Neither am I.
[**5**] Life Line Doc visits Jupiter Station. Physician, upgrade thyself.
[**1/2] The Haunting of Deck 12 Neelix gets long-winded about nebular gas.
[***1/2] Unimatrix Zero, Part One [Season Finale] Seven of Nine joins the Borg Maquis.
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