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September 1997 to May 1998

Season Four has a special significance for Star Trek. The Original Series lasted just three years. TNG had three rocky seasons, but its cliffhanger dang-near blackmailed the suit weasels into creating a fourth year, which turned out to be one of its best. DS9 used its Season Four to bring in Worf, which upset many DS9 (and Trek) purists by (briefly) undoing Roddenberry's Klingon alliance.

Voyager's Fourth Season summarily (and controversially) dumped Kes, and replaced her with Seven of Nine. The Amazon Warrior Borg in the china shop stirred things WAY up.

This season was far darker than last year, heavily Borg-themed. Some loved it...but not all. Many episodes I considered excellent, even while not enjoying them. (I don't mind serious, but "dark" isn't my cup of tea.) This season also did much to dilute the ensemble feel as the emphasis began to center around Seven of Nine. This is not to fault Jeri Ryan, who did some amazine work. But sometimes it simply sucks to be the new kid.

For DELTA BLUES, the big change was my new Closed Captioning capture card, which led to the WORDIEST DANG REVIEWS EVER. Info-junkies were thrilled. So was the doctor who treated my carpal tunnel. My "short attention span" approach ended, and the era of extreme comprehensiveness began.

As did my road to burnout.

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Episode Description
[***] Scorpion, Part II [Season Premiere] Janeway's idea bears fruit. Chakotay goes nuts.
[***1/2] The Gift Kes grows up--way up. Seven of Nine gets a makeover. Harry Kim gets some North Portland Therapy.
[***] Day of Honor Tom and B'Elanna find romance in the unlikeliest of places. Seven of Nine discovers random acts of kindness. A new species gets a bit too persistent in its fund-raising.
[***1/2] Nemesis Chakotay kicks some Predator hiney...but should he?
[****] Revulsion Harry and Seven of Nine have different ideas about first date protocol.
[***] The Raven Seven of Nine gets a new wardrobe, her first meal...and homesick.
[****] Scientific Method Halloween episode. 'Nuff said.
[****] Year of Hell, Part I The Krenim from "Before and After" are back...for the first time.
[***] Year of Hell, Part II Janeway punches the Big Button.
[***] Random Thoughts Torres gets in trouble for thinking; Tuvok takes a walk on the dark side.
[***1/2] Concerning Flight Kate and Leo's Big Adventure.
[*] Mortal Coil Neelix spends Christmas Prixin in Hell.
[**5**] Waking Moments Chakotay saves the day. Harry sleeps in. Janeway stares down antimatter.
[**5**] Message In A Bottle Doc Saves The Day in two quadrants. Harry teaches Paris a lesson. Seven shocks.
[****] Hunters Harry hangs out at the post office. Seven makes a road trip. Cap'n Kate gets a Dear Janeway.
[****] Prey Janeway teaches Seven about compassion by refusing to show her any.
[***] Retrospect Big guns, big noses, big accusations, and Big Issues.
[***] The Killing Game, Part I Hirogen Nazis in Space!
[***] The Killing Game, Part II Who Hunts the Hunters?
[**1/2] Vis-a-Vis Paris gets folded, swindled, and mutated.
[****] The Omega Directive Seven and Janeway take on the Big Bang. (Not THAT way. Sheesh.)
[*1/2] Unforgettable Boy meets girl. Boy forgets girl. Girl woos boy. Girl forgets boy. Go girl, go.
[****] Living Witness Chakotay's tattoo causes an international incident.
[*] Demon The ship runs out of gas in the middle of West Texas. Harry gets a new 'tude. Tom's beside himself.
[****] One Seven spends way too much time by herself. Harry bursts into flames.
[****] Hope and Fear [Season Finale] Scorpion, Part III. Skeet in Space.
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