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September 1995 to May 1996

Voyager's first full (very full - 26 episode) season. Also a season that suffered from affiliate fallout, leaving many fans stranded without access.

For me, the year was a bit frustrating because of the lengthy "stealth" arcs involving Tom Paris, Michael Jonas, the Kazon. Some episodes I loved; others, not so much (to put it mildly). But I was hooked.

Moving to Missouri, to a market that didn't have a UPN affiliate, didn't help matters.

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Episode Description
[***1/2] The 37's [SEASON PREMIERE] Where Amelia Earhart really ended up.
[****] Initiations Alien maturity rituals: "Today I am a Kazon."
[*] Projections Holodoc's identity crisis, a la Barclay. Kes is Mrs. Holodoc? Harry dies briefly.
[***1/2] Elogium The Sex Episode: even the ship gets some, as Kes jump-starts into puberty.
[***] Non Sequitor Harry Kim (most-traveled ensign in history) wakes up on alternate Earth with his girlfriend. And has a PROBLEM with that.
[***] Twisted Voyager pretzels, anyone? Information exchange of a different kind.
[**1/2] Parturition Neelix and Paris pasta wrestle over Kes. Harry plays clarinet and consoles Kes.
[***1/2] Persistence of Vision The Penn 'n' Teller of aliens mess with Voyager crew heads.
[**1/2] Tattoo An episode devoted to Chakotay's forehead. We meet his dad.
[**1/2] Cold Fire Kes makes Tuvok's blood boil. Why Ocampa shouldn't be teenagers.
[****] Maneuvers State of Flux" traitor returns in a big way. Chakotay's REALLY bad day.
[****] Resistance Janeway gets adopted by Joel Grey in a good cause.
[***] Prototype Torres builds polite killer androids.
[***] Alliances Janeway considers joining forces with ... any takers?
[***] Threshold Tom Paris breaks Warp 10, honeymoons with Janeway.
[***1/2] Meld Tuvok mind-links with Chucky from Child's Play, gets a personality.
[***1/2] Dreadnought Another Torres creation comes back to haunt her.
[****] Death Wish Q and company contemplate life and death.
[***] Lifesigns Holodoc finds love in a '57 Chevy.
[***1/2] Investigations Neelix goes tabloid, Tom Paris goes freelance, a traitor goes Postal.
[**] Deadlock Two ships, two gas tank. Someone's gonna die. Where's Harry?
[***1/2] Innocence Tuvok babysits. Janeway gets philosophical with high-tech Luddites.
[**] The Thaw Evil clowns, pink guillotines, and (who else?) Harry Kim.
[***] Tuvix (aka "Symbiogenesis") Neelix and Tuvok take male bonding to new extremes. Harry plays clarinet.
[**] Resolutions Janeway and Chakotay are planetbound; Captain Tuvok butts heads with a gung-ho Harry Kim; Holodoc rekindles an old Vidiian flame
[****] Basics, Part 1 [SEASON FINALE] Seska's paternity suit against Chakotay gives Voyager to the Kazon?
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