Day 3 – fat fast

Weighed 456 this morning. Down 8 from yesterday, and 14 from Tuesday. About half of what I gained since the last fast ended.

I picked up some more lancets, alcohol wipes and test strips (was down to my last 3), along with a prescription. I was sorely tempted to buy something, but stuck with a Smart Water.

I’ve had some unhappy DP (disaster pants) this afternoon. Guess the body is expelling some of the last week’s excess.  I had it yesterday too; it feels like an ongoing purge.

BG reading at 1p was 108. Around 3p I ate some macadamia nuts and avocado mayonnaise. at 3:15 my BG was 97. I started with one small piece of a nut, which I sucked on for a bit, then slowly chewed. Fifteen minutes later, the rest of the bag was gone, as the pace of eating each nut accelerated.  I added a couple tablespoons of mayo to bump up the fat percentage even further. My BG went back up an hour later, but only by about 20 points.

I found myself grabbing some candy from an Admin station, but after staring at it for a bit, I put it away and reached for the water and salt. I call that a victory. I think the spreadsheet with the “didn’t have candy” line helped.

Although I’ve had food, it’s all high fat, no protein, trace carbs. I made 65 hours before the nuts, but even after my total carbs has been under 20 and my carb percentage is under 5%. The rest is fat. While today hasn’t been a full water fast, I’d say I weathered the crisis and continuing the streak.

Normally day 3 is fairly easy, but today was a challenge. Many temptations in places that often get me to indulge – shopping, break room food, candy jars. Stress from unhappy tummy and bum from diarrhea.  I want to be better about portion control on the nuts, but that’s a fine tune rather than a problem.

Day 2

I got through the first fast day. Definite temptations, but stuck with water and pink salt. I was napping in front of the television by 11p so I turned in early. I woke several times but probably slept okay overall, and the first few hours were probably pretty solid.

Down six pounds from yesterday. Honey wrapped my legs before bed, and I slept with them elevated.  The legs looked better in the morning – some give in the skin, and the right shin was starting to scab up. Still tender, but improved. We wrapped the right leg again before my podiatrist visit; she looked it over, gave it another bandaid, wrapped both legs, and said to follow up in a month. She gave me a low-grade antifungal as well. By the time I was done, I was 36 hours into a fast.

After I dropped honey off at class, I debated whether to eat. I decided to stick with water fasting and went straight to work, arriving late enough to avoid the Hump Day donuts and bagels.

I didn’t take blood sugar for a few days, but I took one this afternoon: 105. I’ll take it. I’m down to three BG strip; I’ll need to get more. Sadly, insurance won’t cover them unless you’re diabetic. Good news: I’m not diabetic. And if my leg issues are a preview of diabetes, I’d like to avoid it. So, aiming to water fast again today.

I created a small Post-It monthly calendar showing November 1 through Christmas Eve for a quick view of fasting this month. I also put together a spreadsheet for more detailed daily tracking.

From Halloween to New Years Day is about 9 weeks. Most of the last two weeks of the year we’ll be on the road. On Dec 1 I meet with honey’s doctor, who said he’d be willing to work with me on the IDM program. So, 30 days (with a big food holiday a week before) between now and the doctor, and new blood work.  Before I see him I’d like to do a 14 day fast, and 20 total days fasting or IF (16-23 hours). Also, no soda in November.

Food goals: no soda in November. No candy in November. No vending machine food. No Admin Desk food.

With about an hour to go to the end of Day 2, I’m feeling a bit of a chill. Took a bit longer than last time.

Fast Day 1: waterworks

if it were just the peeing, I wouldn’t mind so much.  But the Sap Tap in my right leg has been weeping water all day.  I’m glad the water is exiting, but it’s going to be  soggy next few days. My sock is drenched.

20 hours in. The diuretic dose seems to have opened the floodgates. Which makes traveling a bit dicey – I needed to pee before we left, and the second I got to work. wheee.

I need to remind myself of the downsides of sugaring up, before I sugar up. The wet coughs, the waterlogged legs, the joint pain, the poor sleep, the allure of Alleve, the brain fog. As opposed to a nice low carb day, and the energy, spring in the step, etc.

30 pounds in one week

Yeah. I gained 30 pounds in one week.

Monday last week started off well. Blood work and urine test. Well into day six of my fast. And then the light headedness hit. My appetite has been unmanaged since then.

Had I managed to stick to the recovery-meal-only I’d initially intended, I’d likely be in the home stretch of a 14 day fast right now, with one fatty/keto hiccup. Instead, I put on 30 pounds in 7 days. Whole lot of candy, donuts and pastries, soda, buns on burgers, etc.

Yes, in calorie terms, I didn’t eat 30*3500 calories. Most of the weight is inflammation. My knees and other joints, my lungs, most of me is bloated. My right leg has been weeping from an open blister for several days, under so much pressure.

One bad day, even a horrific day like last Monday, wouldn’t have led to this. Seven straight days? clearly possible.

There’s no sense beating myself up. This is a journey, one with setbacks. Knowing that insulin resistance and carb addiction go hand in hand, I’m not totally in the drivers seat. But I’m trying to learn from these things. I could have eaten something besides nuts. I could have gone straight home rather than stop to shop, and foraged for food there. One high fat, modest protein meal would have barely caused a hiccup in the fast. I think I erred the day before in having a lot of olive oil, which led to no change in my day to day weight. Had I dipped under 440, I suspect my determination to not go nuts would have been stronger. Nevertheless, I need/want to disconnect motivation from goals. The motivation should be in the process, not in milestones. “I’m on a roll. Stabilize the now, and keep on keeping on.”

Jimmy Moore, who’s been doing his own 21 day fast, had something like that. On day 12 of his fast, he hit a stress speed bump and did a stabilizing meal – nuts, and fathead pizza. pretty solid meal, but then back to doing it. In one sense you could say that’s the end of the fast. But by getting right back on the horse, if he reaches the end of day 21 with only the one (keto-friendly) meal, it’s still a heck of an accomplishment.

I need to establish coping mechanisms for moments like that, so I can weather future temptations more effectively. The danger of binges like this is that you never know when you’ll redline the stress meter. I have ended up in the emergency room in the last year from pushing myself too far.

I am capable of overcoming this. It’s not just a matter of willpower. Getting into a fast is actually a place of safety; the temptations are more easy to bear. And my body responds positively to that respite.

So, after my late dinner and hard candy Halloween binge, I decided to declare a new fast.

I should say that not every day was hideous. I made it more than 24 hours from saturday to sunday, and I had several 14-18 hour intermittent fasts. But the eating periods were pretty bad most days. I made it to church on Sunday. After so many migraine mornings, I’m glad I made it, though we were late to the first meeting. Afterward, I watched a film on Sunday, about a youngish guy who weighed 315 and decided to do a 40 day fast like in the Bible.  He later stretched it because he “wanted to break the world record” which he thought was 50 days. (oh, honey, bless your heart.  Don’t tell him about Angus and his 382 day fast.) He went 55, and had some pretty good success. He went water only for that time, but he also did quite a bit of traveling, couch surfing, exercising, etc. He overdid the exertion a few times, and paid for it.  especially toward the end, leading to some depleted moments on the couch. But he made it. He did some things of which Dr. Fung would not approve – both starting and ending his fast with several days’ juice-only “fasting.” But the transformation he made was impressive.

Yes, I think about how great it would be to go that long. Just take food out of the equation for as long as it takes. But I also know it makes sense to apply lessons and gauge progress. 5-7 day fasts have done me well. I’d like to try going longer, but safely. Two week fasts at a time with a few days between could work out for me.