NSNG Week 2 1

I made it through the first week, but had some hiccups. On Sunday we stopped at Sonic.  they are not friendly to lettuce-wrapped options; their lettuce is shredded. I grabbed a regular bacon cheeseburger and didn’t eat the bun, which was massive.  but the “ocean water” turned out to be a regular soda – 180 calories or so for the size. In hindsight I’d have skipped it and asked for straight water. Later, instead of my brother in-law’s homemade pizza, we had my wife’s fathead pizza (crust made with almond meal and cream cheese, so no grains or sugar) and all told my eating was pretty good.

I weighed about 485 on Monday. I stayed home that day, not feeling well – from the sugar, perhaps? Unfortunately, the last couple of days I’ve been giving into sugar cravings after making it through most of Tuesday without a slip. Today’s been very over the top with sugar and grains (donut and bagel day, which I breezed through last week).

What I noticed yesterday: I was grazing and snacking through most of the day, so I never really hit that “coasting” feel I enjoyed much of last week. I got to work with too much food, and I just kept eating. I did also have the last of some chewing gum, which gave me a bit of a sweets craving by day’s end.

so, I need to get back into the nsng swing. The cravings are annoying.


I’ve been listening for a while to “Celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich,” a podcast I found through Abel James’ “Fat Burning Man” podcast, which I found through “My diet is better than yours,” which I found through…

It’s a winding road. There are many podcasts advocating the Primal, Wild, Bulletproof, Paleo, ketogenic approach which share the eliminating of processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, and most grains. They differ in what else to exclude – some toss dairy and/or eggs, some remove nearly all carbohydrates for full ketosis while others argue for “mere” fat adaptation, some push intermittent fasting.  The common push is a hormonal theory of obesity rather than calories in/calories out.

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