Big Setback, Holding Pattern, Some progress

From my last post, I came into the new year with a plan.

That plan fell apart quickly when I found my shortness of breath accompanied by nausea and fatigue, enough that I left work around 5pm and endured a 2 hour commute to get home.  I slept horribly that night, and though Marie was able to help some with backrubs and such, when I was unable to sleep I was also struggling to breathe. I upset her by saying I slept both better AND worse; she couldn’t accept the “worse” part, no matter how I tried to explain it.

The events of the next few days helped explain it to her.

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Once more into the breach

I have read from multiple sources that to lose fat, you need to eat more fat. Some suggesting 70+ percent, with very low carb.  Considering I gained most of my weight after a series of increasingly draconian low fat diets, it’s one that I haven’t yet tried.

A podcast I encountered last year while searching for ADHD information, Nutrition to the Edge, caught my attention; I’ve been listening to it for several months now. I kept listening and considering, but never went all in.

Since I’m feeling wrecked at the moment – nearly three months of antibiotics, difficulty breathing and sleeping and walking, and out of control carb cravings – I’m open to alternatives.

I made it to work today. El niño arrived in earnest this morning. I found the first day back of the new year to be a lot harder than I hoped; just walking around winded me badly. Something must change. I don’t want a quick fix; I’ve had too many of them, and whatever the initial results, I always hit a wall. Karl, the podcast host, claims to know why, and it’s a claim I’m willing to put to the test.

Because something needs to change. I feel hobbled, and I don’t like the feeling one bit.

January Goal(s)

Not too many to start.

Sleep: get away from the sleep drugs. Melatonin, Advil PM, zzzzquil. They’re losing effectiveness anyway. I get obsessed with the amount of “deep sleep” my fitness band records; it’s frustrating to sleep for 8-9 hours and see 2 hours or less of “deep”.

Exercise: I’m still coming off a nasty bug and bum knee, but my goal for January is to build a habit of consistency of some sort. This week, I’m aiming for three days. I’d like to do more, but that is the goal. The weight room or treadmills at work, swimming at 24 hour fitness, some minimal threshold at home yet to be determined. I keep reading that for men, squats and deadlifts and pushups are a great place to start, with the proper technique. I also have Focus T25, 21 Day Fix, and P90X videos on call, ready to use. I had great results from Focus T25 Alpha and Beta, in the pool.

Nutrition: I’m vacillating on this, but I’m curious to try a “70/20/10” macro balance (fat/protein/carb) I got from Karl Pilz’ Nutrition to the Edge. I feel like I’m fighting a major carb addiction right now, so it seems worth a shot to severely curtail (but not eliminate) carbs, and change to better quality carbs. The key appears to be coconut oil.

That’s ambitious enough for one month.