Still struggling

Fell ill for a few days over the weekend, and into Monday. I haven’t done much exercising, though I did finally reach a goal my vivofit band set for me.  Every day it looks at your actual results to date and adjusts your goal accordingly. It started me out with a goal of 7500 steps; after several days of near-total bedrest, the goal is currently in the sub-5000 step range.   Continue reading “Still struggling”

Stuck in neutral

Not much to say. Still struggling to consistently work out and track calories. I’ve been down around 477 for the last week or so – down slightly from that over-480 shocker, but not so far down that I feel confident I won’t see the 480s again without cracking down.

I picked up a new fitness band – a Garmin Vivofit 2. I bought one for Marie as well. She liked that she doesn’t have to worry about charging the thing – it’s got a one-year, replaceable battery. I like that it can be worn in the pool, so I can track swimming and water aerobics workouts.  I have yet to get to the pool, but that’s why it’s here. It has some other nice features – a red “get your butt up and walk!” stripe, and supposedly an audible alarm, but I have yet to hear it. Because it’s a wris band, I’m sure my normal jitteriness and typing give me an inflated step count, but the display is big and bold, and always on – the curious will always know. At some point that will be motivating.

I’m not giving up. But I am stuck in neutral at the moment.