Free-falling, reaching for a ledge

So, some ups and downs and plenty of milestones in the weeks since my last post.

We had our 11th wedding anniversary. I turned 51. My wife turns 50 this week.  My weight reached a new recent high, of 482.

Seeing the 480s on the scale really hit me. I finally made it to the gym this month. Once last week; three times the week before.  My goal for this week is three trips to the gym – low enough to be reachable and exceedable.

And to count calories more stringently. It’s not surprising that months of not counting calories has led to  weight gain, given what I’ve been eating. Lots of pastries, cookies, admin candy trays. Not enough attention to nutrient-rich foods. Marie has helped by packing lunches with lots of protein, but the carbs are so easy to overdo. When I’m eating 40% protein the hard part is getting enough calories; I’m not that hungry. Carbs kick my appetite into overdrive.

So, this week the goal is on accountability. Marie suggested connecting with Noelle, another Dr. H alum, as a coach, since Michael doesn’t seem to be in that game anymore. i’m considering it.

My goal for May: get under 460. That will require sustained attention to calories in and calories out. Marie really wants to visit Ireland this year; I also want to, but I don’t want to go in terrible shape, like I did when we went to China.  20 pounds seems doable for a new push.