Stuck on sweet tooth

July wasn’t my best month.  Got back into a habit of eating sweets, and the exercising has fallen to infrequency.

To aggravate things, I spent a few days taking creatine, which (as far as I can tell) led to a ten pound-plus weight spike.

I still take Shakeology and eat a lot of protein. It’s the deviations that are throwing me off track, and no doubt contributing to my sleep struggles.

I’m around 425 at the moment – down, but still up 14 or so from my low. Need to get back on track.

I’ve seen the south side of 420. I scratched the 100 pound loss mark with my fingernails before July got hectic.

The 300s are waiting, darn it.  Hunker down and get ‘er done. Continue reading “Stuck on sweet tooth”