Bouncing around; A new low

My habits have been inconsistent lately, and the downward pace has reflected that. Since my colonoscopy – a few hemorrhoids, but was told I passed with flying colors, see you in five years – my weight has continued to move downward, but with bounces up.  I was at 423.2 on Monday. The next day? 419.

Today? 415, a new low. 95 pounds down, triple digits in sight. It no doubt helps that I managed over 8 hours sleep last night, the first time in a while that’s happened. My goal is still to reach the 390s before we leave for vacation July 10th. It should be very doable.

I continue to eat around 1800 calories a day, with “high” days under 2200, but I’ve had a couple of “very” high days that were probably closer to my BMR calorie range around 4000. The problem there is more the quality of the calories – sweets remain a weakness.

Pool shoes have been helping my feet during the T25 workouts, but I have been letting work intrude on my daily appointment at the gym. Last week I didn’t make it out of the office before 11pm on any night. Stress is always there, and especially in the summer months. I need to not let that be an excuse.

My wife signed up for a challenge with the same trainer, doing the 21 Day Fix. The workouts there are longer, but the nutrition is the thing I’ve heard the best things about. Meanwhile, my brother and his wife have started on HMR, and are seeing great results the first couple of weeks. It’s a very low calorie program, and in phase 1 all food comes from the doctor.  I hope it works for him; he’s never reached my weight, but he has come closer than anyone else in the family,  scraping the bottom of 400 pounds at his high.

The “fire in the belly” isn’t quite what it was. My chief adversary now is complacency. Much of the pain of 500 pounds is gone, and I remember that clearly. What I don’t remember clearly is the long-ago feeling of daily interaction with life at under 300, so I can’t imagine life without the aches, pains, and limitations I currently endure.  It’s time to rediscover the long-forgotten and continue to push forward and downward.

This sounds more “down” than it’s meant to be. I’m happy with the new low. I’m just aware of the habits that have been creeping in, and want to stop them from taking over again.

Next stop: triple digits

The scale is just one data point, and not the best indicator of overall health. But when it’s not budging, it can become a point of obsession.

I finally cracked into the 410s on June 5.

I’ve had a good run so far – not quite two months on the Beach Body challenge and I’m down more than 30 pounds. Slower than I had anticipated in my most optimistic vision; slowed a bit by imperfect attention to  the diet and workouts. I’m not winning awards or getting a TV show for this pace.

But 15 pounds a month is nothing to sneeze at.  Average 15 pounds a month for twelve months, and I’ll be 270 by tax day 2015. keep it up another six months and I’d weigh 180 by Halloween 2015, and 18 months of Beach Body – fueled losses WOULD be potentially award winning.

I don’t anticipate sustaining that pace to the end. but I’m moving again, and I’m thrilled. Ten more pounds and I’ll have lost 100 pounds in less than 18 months – again, not record-setting, but that’s a fifth of my starting body weight. Believe me, it makes a massive quality of life difference. And as I’ve learned the last two months, even at this weight a couple dozen pounds one way or another is a big deal.


T25 Beta – A New Low

Okay, so I expected to drop some after yesterday’s upward bump. I knew I was carrying extra water and some delayed pooping.  My calories were a bit low – 1500, when I aim for at least 1600 – but good quality, and I’d wanted to save some for post-workout.  Despite limping my way to and from the gym, the pressure on my knee was much less in the pool, and I was able to put in a solid 50 minutes of T25 Beta workouts (Core Speed and Rip’t Circuit).  We narrowed down some of my knee trouble to a viciously tight groin and she worked the muscles looser before we turned in. It’s a bit better today, so I think we’re on the right track, but I am due for a trip to the chiropractor or a physical therapist. And maybe a podiatrist; my feet have been bothering me a lot since I started T25.

I got nearly 7 hours sleep. We slept through a counseling appointment, which we’d have missed anyway because of my wife’s migraine. We called to reschedule.

Anyway. After what was a fully on-track day and some good elimination, I was expecting a drop. But I wasn’t expecting a 6 pound drop.

421.0 – one pound from my first big milestone. My lowest weight of 2014, two ounces from the lowest I got in 2013, and three pounds from the lowest I’ve weighed in our 10+ years of marriage.

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The wages of snacking

So, last week I had my first extended run of candy bowl raiding at work – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It was a short week due to the holiday, and on Wednesday I went downstairs for the first time in weeks. Got a chicken salad and used my own vinaigrette dressing, but I also got an energy drink; I’d slept horribly the night before.

I did okay until later in the day, when I went by the admin desk looking for fruit, and found bite-sized Milky Way bits. And something said “do it.” and I did.

Not so much on Wednesday.

More – much – on Thursday and Friday.

A few hundred empty calories on two days, but psychologically, it was a big step back.

And this morning, the scale reflected it. I was back up to 427.2, a gain of almost four pounds.

Yes, it’s temporary. Yes, my leg was a bit swelled from a lot of inactivity on Sunday, prompted by an aggravated knee and an unhappy back caused by tripping on a rug after too much standing on Saturday. The joys of aging. Oh, and a few days without pooping. Which, naturally, happened later in the day.  I’m not a daily dumper; 2-4 days between movements is common.

Tomorrow’s number should be better. Had a good  double-workout tonight in the pool – T25 Beta core speed and rip’t circuit – and had good activity in the office, and was good on calorie and water intake. Going to ice my knee before bed.

My colonoscopy is in two weeks. I really, REALLY want to see the south side of 420 before then. If I’m close, the pre-procedure cleansing should give me a nice poopless baseline, and if I’m at or under 420 beforehand, I could see an even bigger drop the morning of.