Focus T25 Beta

So the first night of T25 Beta was … traumatic.

We went to the pool. I started with the Alpha “Lower Focus,” which I find is a good warmup. Then I looked at my options, and launched Beta Cardio.

There are different moves, and so I’ve no doubt I was hitting different muscles and muscle groups. But by the end I was shaking, dizzy, and holding the lane divider for dear life, and weeping.

It’s strange. When we were at the Clinic, I cried several times. Sometimes because the workouts hurt. Sometimes from fear (mostly of falling down – it was hard to get up at 500lbs). Sometimes, a cathartic cry of accomplishing something.

That first Beta workout? Probably like the first Alpha workout: this crap is hard, and it hurts, and it’s a bit overwhelming.

Last night I did my second Beta workout. This time at home. I picked the Upper Focus, and I selected the lightest weights we have – three pounders, if that. Less than halfway in I was on the couch gasping and sweating. I did many of the lifts while seated, because I couldn’t stay standing, but I kept going.  It was bloody hard.

By the fifth week of Alpha, at least in the pool, I had begun to adapt. Some of the workouts – chiefly Cardio and Speed 1.0 – still wipe me out, but not to the point of tears.  This new round is faster, and with some new moves. it starts you off quicker, and doesn’t let up.

It’s a complaint, yes. But…challenge accepted.

Why subject myself? Well, this morning I weighed 424.0, a new low in the challenge. Fat is crying this week, and that daunting 420 number is starting to sweat. I’m closing in, and I’ve got momentum.

I suspect I’ll cry the first time I see “41x.x”. A happy, cathartic, long-sought cry.

Comments, comments everywhere

I’ve received many comments so far.

All from spambots. Many complimentary in a machine-generated sort of way, but quite a few telling me my site is too hard to find without their unique services.

I find that ironic, given how quick and easy it was for the spambots to find me.

As for real viewers: Not really aiming for them, but if you see this and you actually exist: welcome.

T25 Alpha Results

So today is the last day of T25 Alpha (one day of stretching left).

Results (5 weeks):

Weight 4/15:  449.2 (monday 4/15); today 426.6 (down 22.6)
Arms 4/15: 18.3″; today 18″
Thighs 4/15: 33.25″; today 32″
Chest 4/15: 63.5″; today 59″
Waist 4/15: 70.5″; today 67.5″

Good month. On to the next.

BeachBody Challenge, Month 2, and scale obsession.

My goal weight for June 14 (the sixty day mark) is 406.4. Today’s weight: 428.8.

My trainer recently cautioned me against weighing in daily, but the fluctuations on the scale don’t psych me out the way not weighing daily does, and after I melted down a bit, he said to go back to what I’m comfortable with.

It helps me keep perspective to see the way the scale fluctuates in response to so many factors unrelated to fat loss: dehydration or water retention, solid wastes that don’t plan to exit until mid-afternoon, sleep quality and duration, stress levels, amount and density of what you ate the day before, even the day of the week.

With one exception, I don’t sweat the day to day scale changes. As long as the overall trend is down, it’s all good.

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BeachBody Challenge 1: results

So, I ended the first challenge this morning weighing 431.4.  That’s up three pounds from last week’s lowest weight, but down from the 433.8 I checked in with on the previous Monday. So, every week I lost, and I finished down 17.8 pounds from day 1 of the challenge, and 20.4 from my first day on Shakeology.

My trainer told me to aim for 25 pounds lost the next 30 days. Since I think I’m carrying extra water and waste, it seems less daunting.

Right now I just want to blow the doors of that 420.  That’s Goal One.

Beach Body Challenge, last day – gah

Before I went to work, I checked my email and saw “donuts at my desk” from a coworker who really knows his donuts. I didn’t touch them.

I had scheduled a “brownbag” lunch meeting so I brought my own food.  When I got to my desk, I noticed another notice about cupcakes in the breakroom.  I didn’t touch them.

Shortly after that, we had an organization-wide meeting. With a post-meeting spread of nuts, crackers, cheese, tiny bundt cakes, gourmet sodas, and other drinks.

The combination punch got me.

Had a few crackers, a handful of pistachios…and four of those damn tiny, damn tasty, damned caloric little carb bombs.

Less than half a day before the end of the challenge.

Definitely ramping up the workout tonight. And beef up the protein intake.

Focus T25 Alpha – Final stretch

My Monday 7am weigh-in was up a tad from last week’s low (428.6) but I’m past due for a poopin’. The 30 day Beach Body Challenge ends on Wednesday, so today’s weigh-in doesn’t count. Even so, I finished the four weeks (monday to monday) 19 pounds down. Not bad, and should be better by Wednesday. It’s not epic results, but my transformation is an ultramarathon, not a sprint, and I have a lot to take confidence from over the last four weeks.

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Focus T-25 Alpha: woo-hoo!

My weight this morning: 428:8.

Makes last night’s midnight workout feel even more worth it.

I still hate Speed 1.0., but I am liking the results.

Focus T25 – final week

The 30-day challenge ends on May 14th. This morning, I weighed 430.6, which is a little over 21 pounds lost from my first Shakeology, and just under 19 pounds from Challenge Day 1.

My 30 day goal had been 30 pounds. I’m not likely to hit that, but I’m gonna do my best, and I’m thrilled to be back at my lowest weight since mid-January, when I pulled out of my post-holiday sinus infection, continued the holiday-style eating, but lost the pre-holiday exercise habit. I spent six month fluctuating between the mid-420s and mid-430s before the gains this year. For me, 419 marks the difference between Old Plan (never got below 420) and New Plan (there is no dang floor –  next stop, the 300s).

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Focus T25 – Week 4, and a doctor consult

I was feeling run down by Thursday but powered through the Thursday/Friday workouts, but was down hard on Saturday and Sunday. I did some stretching in the evenings but they were low-activity days overall.

My Monday weigh-in had me at 433.8, which was a bit higher than late last week, but I’ve seen that pattern most weeks: steady losses from Tuesday through Thursday, then slight rises Friday through Monday. The overall trend is down, but the body seems to have its natural fluctuations.

True to form, I was down to 431.6 this morning, a new low on this Beach Body Challenge, which ends next Wednesday, May 14.

Went in for a blood test this morning; my last one was nearly a year ago, so I was due anyway, but I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next month and in yesterday’s consult, the doctor told me to get my bloodwork done ASAP. I’m very glad I’m doing it today rather than this time last month when my diet was a mess and I wasn’t very active. The doctor was predictably blunt about my current size and how long I’ve been so large, but he gave me kudos for being 80 pounds lower than I was a year ago. For him, it’s all about the cancer risk factors, which is hard to argue with. Adds to my commitment.