Focus T25: Week 2, Day 1. Back to it.

I was thinking on the rest day that maybe I ought to do something, but in the end I’m glad I kept it to a rest day. Your body needs some time off. the Clinic’s rest days essentially meant No Strength Training. There was still plenty of cardio activity on Rest Days.

Rest Day doesn’t mean hibernate. If you find yourself improving, you’re likely to want to do something with all that extra energy. It’s just that Shaun T stays in his sleeve for a day.

Woke this morning a little late – slept really well. Late enough that Michael was clearing his throat waiting for my results. I started the new week at 439.4, down 9.8 pounds from last Monday, and 12 pounds since my first Shakeology.

Food on track. still shunning sweets. The weekend bread made me a bit queasy, but by the end of today I feel better. Off to the pool for Cardio and Total Body Circuit.  As before, i finish the first workout and think, “yeah, that was a challenge, but I need to do another.” By the end of the second one, I’m toast and ready for home.

Got a compliment from someone who watched me work out. That is always motivating.

Focus T25, Day 7: and, rest

Up again, back over 440. Barely. Again, not surprised – ate a lot of bulky food and drank a lot of water.

It’s Easter. Aside from eggs (uncolored), there’s no traditional Easter yummies in the house: no Peeps, no chocolate bunnies. Marie’s down sick; her stomach giving her serious trouble, much like I was last Sunday.  She improves as the day goes on.

We’re invited to my sister’s for dinner, so I budget my other meals to make way for whatever they’re serving. If it’s pizza, I’m not sure what I’ll do, but it turns out to be roast beef, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravy (which I tend not to eat lots of), and Darrell’s notoriously tasty dinner rolls. Marie had bought angel food cake for dessert, which I declined.

When we arrived home, our neighbor had made us some gluten-free carrot cake. I did give in and have one. One was enough.

It was a T25 rest day, so there was not much exercise beyond walking around and standing for an hour while I taught at church. (If I sweat, I count it.) I hit the calorie target, but the big meal was too big a chunk of the day’s total. But, I’d call it a success.

Early to bed. Week two starts Monday.

Focus T25 day 5: milestones, and adjustments

I tried to do five days of 1300 (ish) calories, but I know that light-headed feeling. I mentioned it in my morning update, and Michael pointed out that I should be in the 1600-1800 calorie range. I ended up around 1800 today.

This was the first official “do two T25 workouts” day, but because I’d moved to the pool, I wasn’t worried. I did the new workout, plus a session of Alpha Cardio. Yup, still a butt-kicker.

I weighed in, and found myself…under 440. So 12 pounds since my first Shakeology, and ten pounds since Monday. Yeah, a lot of poop and retained water went into that loss, but I could definitely feel improvements in my stamina and strength. 10 pounds is a relative drop in the bucket at my size, but it’s noticeable in the way the clothes fit.

Tomorrow’s Saturday, which is a stretch workout, followed by a rest day. which happens to be Easter, and dinner with my sister’s family. My brother in law is a fantastic cook, whose wheat rolls would qualify as dessert in My Fitness Pal.  Curious and a bit anxious to see how the weekend goes.

Focus T25, Day 4: rinse, repeat

Not a lot to say about Thursday. Woke up, ate what I said I was going to, did two T25 workouts in the pool. It was becoming apparent that 1300 calories wasn’t a whole lot for a 450 pound man, but I managed.

As this was part of the Beach Body Challenge, I had been reporting my morning plans and my evening results of the day. Michael is currently three time zones away, but he has been there, pinging us if we hadn’t yet checked in, asking for honesty and offering course corrections as needed.  I hadn’t (yet) mentioned my calorie targets, just that I was doing the quick-start calories.

My stomach has settled; the diarrhea was a one-day event. The eating is straightforward, and easy to follow. The Shakeology is keeping its end of the bargain. There’s junk food galore at work, and I’m able to wave at it without a second thought. The second dual workout seems to be the way to go: it feels like just enough. And I’m still out of the gym faster than I was when I was swimming for 90 minutes, but I feel I’m getting my time’s worth.  The “floor” parts of the workouts are a royal pain to adjust to in the pool, but I’m figuring things out. i’m getting faster, and feeling a little less awkward.

But I’m starting to feel real hunger.

Focus T25, Day 1: Hatin’ on Shaun T

Shaun T, of Insanity fame, loves him some stompy, air-catching cardio. Maybe you’ve seen him. Looking like Will Smith, talking like someone you can only put up with at 3am when the infomercial blares at you after you’ve caught up with everything on the DVR. Leaping and jumping and skipping and punching and generally acting like gravity ain’t no thang.

Let’s get one thing out of the way in a hurry: unless you’re in the WWE, a 450 pound man is not going to defy gravity without paying a heavy, heavy price.

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Shakeology: worth the price? My first five days.

[Note: links provided for information. I’m not selling anything. I’m a reviewer/tester by nature, so I like to document.]

As I mentioned in my earlier post,  I met Michael Friedman at the Clinic by Dr. H. He’d led me through my first workout there, and he is a good motivator. He’s been there himself – not as large as I’ve gotten, but he’s had his own weight struggles, and overcome them, and he’s trained with Biggest Loser contestants at home, helping prep several for half marathons and beyond. Several fellow Clinic alumni he helped train for their first-ever half marathons, and one has already run her first full marathon with his help.

Michael gets results. And he cares.

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