19-0127 : resolution (472)

It’s been a month since we returned from Christmas in Utah. I have been, charitably, off the wagon.

Before and after Christmas, the admin area has been well stocked with sweets. This last week, they added a monster jar of Jelly Bellies. My appetite for sugar grew.

By Friday of this week my weight had climbed to 478.

I didn’t eat great on Friday, but I did resist the vending machines and the snack areas, and had just two meals: lunch and a late dinner at bibigo that was all meat and veggies.

Saturday I fasted.

Today we’re having dinner with my sister so I’ll eat, but that will be my breakung meal, giving me a 42+ hour fast.

The carb crash hit me hard yesterday and most of today. But I’m feeling better now. I weighed late today, but am around 472.

Over 470 is miserable. Things get harder. Even simple things. Walking is harder. More joint pain. Swelling everywhere. Poor sleep.

Glad for the fast. It doesn’t take long to feel better. I want to fast more this week, and find a rhythm that helps me to do so consistently. I crave momentum.

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