Wednesday, and number crunching

Tuesday went well. Aside from Fasting Tea and my medications, it was all water and salt. I’m not feeling cold extremities; I slept hot last night. Compared to my first water fast, when I was very cold, I feel pretty normal. Not quite overheating, but not cold.

My blood sugars have been right around 100, with some readings in the 80s later in the day.

I haven’t consistently weighed or taken blood this year, though since February I’ve been more consistent. My weight’s fluctuated this year between 440 and 480, give or take a few ounces, but since i didn’t weigh every day these are rough numbers.  The months (December, January) I barely weighed were months my eating was not managed.

  • January:  big gains from October, (Low 458, High 478, Average 467)
  • February (start of IDM): big losses (low: 440), big fluctuations (24 lbs).
    • Low 440.4, High 464, Average 454.2
  • March: the swings were narrower (12 lbs). 11 days in 450s, 9 in 460s, 2 in 440s.
    • Low 447, High 469.6, Average 457.8
  • April: Big fluctuations (21 lbs) and higher highs until I resumed fasting.
    • Low 458, High 479, Average 467.7
  • May: Only three days in, and I’ve been fasting every day.
    • Low 453, High 460.8, Average 456.6

Reviewing the year, February and March showed relative success in keeping weight off with fasting.  April showed a month mostly off the wagon, with a lot of donut runs and vending machine food. I’m doing much better the last two weeks; the weekend’s eating, though hearty, cooperated with the fasting. I’m down 25 pounds in 10 days. I know that rate isn’t sustainable and that most of it’s water, but 25 pounds less to lug around is noticeable.

My goal for May remains to do five days on, two days off fasting. Tomorrow will be a challenge as we’re supposed to taste-test drinks for a cubicle crawl next week. I intend to beg off. This week is easier than last week was, when I was “fat fasting” and taking the exogenous ketones. I’m tired earlier at night, and waking up earlier, which supposedly gives me more prime sleeping hours, which itself is supposed to be good for weight loss. We shall see.

I plan to be a bit more anal about metrics, just because I like and respond to numbers. I’ve set up spreadsheets to help with tracking weight and blood sugars, ketones as soon as the Ketonix arrives, and major measurements (waist, chest, neck, bicep, thigh). We’re told to toss our scales, and I know that fat loss doesn’t always mean weight loss. You can be building muscle. You can be retaining water (see Whoosh Effect). I can detach a bit from the scale if I can see progress in the other numbers. The blood glucose readings have been enlightening.


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