So far so good on this week’s fast.

If the goal is, as it is this week, 5 days, that’s 120 hours. Knowing when you want to stop means you can count down, which psychologically may help the motivation. Instead of “wow, I’ve made 48 hours!”  you think “only 72 hours to go.”  Endurance is rewarded with a smaller number.  I’m trying that this week.

Yesterday went about as well as I could ask, fast-wise.  I was tired from the very late Sunday night and frustrated from the doctor appointment, but I got to work early enough to leave by 7 pm, and was home while there was still daylight. I was tired enough to crash-nap almost as soon as we got home; I went to bed at an unheard-of 9 pm.  For the day, I had 2tbsp of olive oil and my daily medications. The rest was water and Celtic sea salt.

I woke at 5 this morning, well before my alarm. I got some work done and enjoyed the quiet time. I tend to do that at night, which throws off the next day. This way, I was more awake, which was nice. I was still a bit late out the door, but I felt less harried.

The scale read 456.0, a nice drop from the day before.  My legs are still swollen, but less so; the inflammation is slowly emptying out. I’m a bit low energy when I walk, but I’m breathing better. Blood sugars are in the 100-109 range so far today, with a 93 at 3:30p.

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