Thursday (day 4)

I’m still water fasting. I’m on track to end tomorrow, and eat from Friday to Sunday. The Fast 5, Feast 2 approach served me well last week, and it’s worked even better this week with the full water fast.

The scale made me smile this morning: 449.4 lbs.  I’m down thirty pounds from two Saturdays ago. Less than 10 pounds away from the 430s and Metric Onederland.

My blood sugars continue to decline.  I was under 100 before noon, and at 2pm it showed 84. Yay!  I hope my Ketonix arrives soon; I want to start tracking ketones during fasts. The blood strips are painfully pricey.

Consistency is willing to be my friend. I’m not on cruise control, but I may be flirting with it.

I was concerned about today; first day driving myself this week. But so far so good. I need to stop for gas on the way home or tomorrow morning.

The 120 hour mark is 8pm tomorrow. There’s a Cinco de Mayo party at work at 4pm; if there’s food I can eat, I intend to. As Dr. Fung says, if you’re at a party, eat the cake. I don’t plan to eat cake, but celebrating is one good reason to feast. I’ll have made it through the work week. Party responsibly: I have a massage the next morning, and I get more out of the massage when my inflammation is low.

Update: 4 days down. 24 hours to go.  8pm BG was 80. Can’t complain.

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