Starting again

I’ve been scraping the bottom of 480 again, still in the 470s. Been here a while. Too much vending machine food last week and yesterday. Saturday wasn’t bad, but for most of a pint of gelato; Sunday was much better.

I have the car most of this week. I went to bed early-ish (around midnight) and was up before my alarm at 6:30a. But I left around 7:30 to drop my wife off at work and didn’t reach my office until nearly 10a.  Breakfast today was too many donuts from two different shops and a ham, egg, and cheese croissant with a Monster. Yeah, it hits some lizard brain buttons at the time but it doesn’t take long for me to feel gunked up, and that feeling and the distraction increase lasts hours longer than the minutes-long endorphine hit.

I did listen to a few Fasting Talk episodes today, which helped whip up a motivation to start this afternoon. So I had  a bunch of eggs and bacon and guacamole, then marked 4pm as the start.  I’ve had some exogenous ketones this evening to see how it impacts the Ketonix.

Yep, I finally received my Ketonix ketone measuring device.  I guess I have a good baseline for “not in ketosis.” I was barely out of the green according to the app, but the color didn’t change on the device itself.  So far I’ve used only it in wired mode, but it did come with a battery.

Anyway. Been feeling lousy lately. Limping from left knee pain. Quads tight enough to require excruciating work with one of those rollers like Bart had way back at the clinic in 2013. Lots of inflammation. Feeling lousy, feeling flighty. Eager to get back into that fasting groove.

Honestly, even though Monday is a holiday, I wouldn’t mind trying to do 7+ days.  The Fasting Talk episode I heard today mentioned someone who broke a plateau – he was regularly doing 6 fasting days for every feast day – with a two week fast. Mix it up…

But, first things first. Let’s make it through to the end of the day, then overnight. The first few days are the toughest when coming from a carby streak. So, a few hours or minutes at a time, for now. Then a day at a time.

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