New Month, New Week, New Fast

I gained a few pounds over the weekend, which isn’t totally surprising – fast when fasting, feast when feasting. Saturday we had a big plate of sausage, fried Brussels sprouts, and sauerkraut. I also had three tubs of greek yogurt before day’s end, along with four boiled eggs with avocado mayo. The only thing I’m questioning is the yogurt, which could have more carbs than I realize. it’s dairy, so even if it’s as high fat as alleged it still has dairy sugars.  In hindsight, I also didn’t get enough water.

I went to bed before midnight, but I felt horrible the next day and slept until almost 4pm.  One meal, consisting of two bowls of cabbage and sausage, with some added coconut oil, and another yogurt. My late night blood sugars, my only reading over the weekend, was 99.

This morning’s reading was 117.  My weight was up a few pounds to 460.8, which wasn’t a big surprise, though I’d hoped to remain under 460. Going to bed after 3am probably didn’t help.

I met with the doctor this morning, knowing I didn’t have a home run of a few months behind me.  He recommended a group program like OA, a meal service that provides all meals, something more like the South Beach diet, and bariatric surgery. I was open to OA, I have been considering the meal service if I can find the right one, and said “death first” to the surgery. He emphasizes low fat, high protein, but in reality his push for south beach and Atkins isn’t that far at all from what Dr. Fung pushes. Most of the fat in the Fung approach is body fat. Fung says is, “whatever diet works for you, as long as you fast. The fasting will bring your insulin resistance down, and that’s where the real magic happens. no diet alone will fix what’s fundamentally broken.”  So in a way I could just acquiesce, at least in the consult. But the next time surgery comes up I want to share the articles that Fung has written that point out that fasting does voluntarily what bariatric surgery forces on you (at first, but not forever).

But that means being consistent over a lengthier period of time.

All in all, the weekend was successful in being hearty but not being high carb, or (if the yogurts have more carbs than expected) at least junk food free. I ate well but had no sodas, no sugary snacks. I wanted to go from fast to fast with as close to keto as I could, and compared to my normal eating, I succeeded.

The weekend on the Facebook group featured a discussion on exogenous ketones. The only approved version by IDM is MCT oil. The stuff I bought? not so much. This article was part of the discussion. Apparently exogenous ketones in forms like ketone salts will spur gluconeogenesis, which we want to avoid on a fast – it has an insulinogenic impact, about half that of carbs and slightly lower than protein, but the big thing is that it gets burned as energy before the body will return to its fat stores, so it’s going to slow progress.  I suspect i’ll keep using it to transition back to keto from a carby state, but I want to not do that very often going forward. The fewer crutches, the better.

Dr. H’s clinic’s motto was “trust the process.” many parts of it I still do, just not the endless cardio.  The IDM clinic’s is “progress, not perfection” but they also believe that trusting their process will bear fruit.

This week’s plan is similar to last week’s: fast until Friday evening, then feast (ketogenically) over the weekend.  I had a shot of oil this morning, but I’m still sated from last night.  Sufficient fat really is sating when carbs are low. I’m pleased with last week’s progress – down a net 18 pounds, cravings way down. A bit rattled from the doctor, but determined to follow what I have confidence in. Consistency is the key – the success stories in and out of the clinic are losing with fasting and maintaining with (keto or LCHF or NSNG – no processed carbs, all carbs from fiber-rich vegetables).

Fast, rest and feast, then back to fast, repeat. Eating well over the weekend makes me feel energized for fasting. A good fast makes me feel like Feasting Happy.  When I veer off back into old habits, I find it harder to get back to fasting, and when I do it feels more like a rescue operation. I’d much rather feel like my fasting and fooding are working together.

I don’t have a weight loss goal this week, though I’d be happy to see the south side of 450. I have some inflammation still, but I lost most of the easy weight last week. I want to add consistent morning blood glucose readings at 11am.

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