Fast Five complete. Feast on.

I’m in the home stretch.  I’m close to the 120 hour mark, but I’m well past the point I expected to break the 5-day fast. I had some macadamia nuts to help prime the gut. I have eggs and butter ready to go. Yes, the vending machine is calling out to me, and I’ve had thoughts of ordering from some local takeout, but the Good Food is closer.

The scale read 447 this morning – more than 30 pounds down from two weeks ago. My blood sugars have been consistently below 100 all day, and reached the 70s this afternoon. My fingers started getting chilly around 6 pm; I have been low on salt today. This is the first time all week I’ve had cold hands issues.

So, I’ve had a good couple of weeks. 11 days fasting in 12 days, including the 24 hour fast from Saturday to Sunday. This schedule may well be sustainable, and could help me resist the weekday junk food temptations.

So, on to the feast. Clock’s ticking.

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