Fast 5 #3, Day 1

The fast last week went better than I expected. The feasting, less well.

I felt pretty good about Friday’s eating. The first meal Saturday was our biergarten usual of sausage, sauerkraut, Brussels sprouts, and a roasted cauliflower with capers and onions. I stuck to water all weekend, which I’m happy about. But my nephew stopped by to get some pants hemmed, and we took him to dinner. I got overruled and we went for Mexican. My meal wasn’t bad – seafood and veggies, and I skipped all but a forkful or two of the rice. But they brought out chips and salsa, and I ate a lot. It could have been worse, but had I skipped the chips I would have considered the day more of a success.

The next day I was up 7 pounds from Friday. I added another three pounds for a total of ten. Yeah, a lot of inflammation, and i haven’t pooped in days. I’m not freaked about it; that weight will go away, and my high was still three pounds fewer than the Monday before.

I had a binge around noon. I started with two eggs and mayo, but before i was done I’d downed several vending machine items. So, the fast starts now (1pm).

Update: yeah, the vending machine struck again.  Fast starts later tonight.

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