An actual comment?

I’m not advertising this site. I’m not pushing ads or optimizing SEO because I’m fine being anonymous. This isn’t literature; it’s a rambling, repetitive journal. I’m almost concerned that this could be found, since it’s several years old and my lengthy journey to better health is still barely past the front yard.

Nearly every comment I’ve received, and I’ve received many, is an obvious “bot.”  But I checked an email account I almost never use and found an email that reads surprisingly human, linking to an article that’s relevant and interesting.

So, Kara, congratulations on being the first comment that passed my Turing test.  Everyone else: for a thorough introduction to intermittent fasting, this article is a very good resource.

One thought on “An actual comment?

  • Thanks so much for checking it out! It’s a relief to know that real humans can still get through to each other in this crazy online world!


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