Fat fasting

Still quite a bit of swelling in the legs, but down a couple more pounds.

I had an early conference call with IDM, but I didn’t get home from work until 11:30pm. Yeah, not a lot of sleep. I didn’t go back to bed, hoping that this will help me turn in early tonight. Good advice and insight from Nadia, reinforcing the habits I’m trying to instill.

I’d like to get to five days on, two days off. The question is flexibility, and the right ratio of macros.  The weekends are best for planning to eat; one restaurant meal like the sausage party at Rasselbock (without the ginger beer or pretzels), and the rest of the eating at home.  Two meals a day on Saturday and Sunday are easier to do when I’m with my honey. During the work week, fasting is the safest and least complicated, and would save me a crap ton of money, but I’ve found this week that fat fasting helped me to transition to a water fast. Eggs, bacon, butter, coconut oil – could be tedious after a while, but if it works to anchor me for the next lap of fasting, it could work. Rather than all or nothing, If I can leverage fat fasting and water fasting to get through the work week, , and resist the simple carbs on weekends, it could be a winning formula. As my body gets more used to fasting, the need for fat fasts should diminish.

My meal today was around 1300 calories. 4 eggs,  2tbsp of avocado mayo, 2tbps of Kerrygold, and a 220 calorie bar of 99% cacao. I’m aiming to stop any eating around 4p, but I’m already sated.

The fasting the previous few days has helped with blood sugar levels, and the food I’ve eaten hasn’t moved the needle upward. BS has been around 90 all day.

It’s probably good I don’t have any nuts on hand; I could polish off a bag of them in a hurry. a spoonful of butter or coconut oil? not so much. But it reminds me of the last time I did eat a bag of nuts on day 5 of a fast, and it tided me over for two full days.

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