each step feeling easier

I’ve used the InstaKetones again today, but otherwise sticking to water and salt. Been around 48 hours of near-water fasting (< 100 calories/day) and 4 days total “fasting” (<1000 calories/day).

I’m not sure where the calories show up on the instaketones – 48 per serving, even though no fat, carbs, or protein are listed. Probably the monkfruit extract. I want to not have to rely on these. Autophagy is a priority for me.

My blood sugars this evening pulled down into the 60s, my best in a while., but could have been an anomaly. My last, around 11p, was around 90. They started in the low 100s like the previous few days. I haven’t been feeling cold in the extremities, which is good. Walking feels easier; my knees are bending and my legs are lifting without having to think much about it. I’m not breathing as hard; I can make it to the bathroom frmo my cubicle while breathing through my nose. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a big deal. Last week I was puffing and sweating from the same walk.

My weight was down some more, to 460.4.  I’m in that fun space where I’m not feeling seriously tempted by food, not feeling weak, just kinda cruising. Brain feels decent, legs aren’t weak. This feels like the sweet spot.  I’d like to keep this going tomorrow.

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