New Week, New Fast

Last week’s fast ended Saturday. Ending weight: 442.0. My blood sugars were under 100 for a lot of the time, and as low as the high 70s. I was very pleased. I note that after five days fasting, you’re kind of cleaned out–minimal inflammation, nothing in the digestive tract. Just eating will add things to the queue, so to speak, so gain the next few days is normal. The intestines can hold a crap-ton of waste, so to speak.

I ended the fast with marcona almonds, parmesan crisps, and a Quest bar. I suspect I’ll need to wean myself off of those; it spurs my appetite. I ended up polishing off the bag of almonds, and that night we went to a Korean restaurant for a late dinner, where I ate…well. No caffeine, but some of the items I picked had sugar and/or grains.

I felt sick the next morning. In hindsight, I should have anticipated that.  I ate mostly NSNG (quest bars aside) but I ate a lot.

Monday morning I was up to 449.  I dropped my wife off at her first class, and went to find breakfast. My first choice was closed, so I went to Chick Fil A. You can do substitutions there, so I often ask for a custom platter with extra bacon and eggs and no biscuit or gravy. I didn’t do that this time. I didn’t eat the gravy, but I did have the biscuit.

When I got to work, there was food in the breakroom: apple spice cake. I opted to have a couple of small slices. It was gooey and sugary and grainy. I added a third slice later in the day.

I tried to get things back under control, ate a bunch of fatty nuts and added coconut oil to a Shakeology (for fiber). I had some kimchi (for probiotics). but by day’s end I’d raided the candy bowl and bought pop tarts and red vines from the vending machine.  Worst of all, my blood sugar measurement was the highest by far I’ve recorded, in the 180s. It had been in the 130s earlier in the day, and I get worried when it’s that high. 180s was a smack to the head.

My last binge was bigger, but I felt lousy.  I had considered starting my next fast Sunday night; in hindsight, it would have been helpful.

I hit 451 this morning. Some gains are delayed by a day, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m also up tomorrow, but Monday night, still hurting from the vending machine run, I declared a new fast.

It’s 24 hours later. I considered getting a nice breakfast omelette and starting this morning instead, but I opted to stick to the head start I got last night. I resisted several temptations to eat something, anything. But the sore gut from yesterday helped remind me why I started the fast.

I started a full day ago. Blood sugars have steadily declined today; currently at 106.

Link: this is Dr. Fung on the stages of fasting, limited to the first week. I’ve always stopped at seven days or fewer. I can see why those who strictly follow a ketogenic diet would like fasting, because they can skip some of the early steps. The magic seems to happen in ketosis (step 4) and protein conservation (step 5), where the body is burning fat and recycling protein.  Autophagy is a beautiful thing here; among the protein recycled in autophagy is unneeded (loose) skin.  Whether it will eat ALL the loose skin is debateable, but I’ve seen some folks who have levels of loose skin that I could live with, compared to the low-hanging, easily infected, get-surgery-on-TV stuff. Yes, the ultimate state of my skin is a long way away, but i’m paying attention now. Fasting seems to be cleaning up after itself in ways the intense exercise did not.

Anyway. One day down. I hope not to stay above 450 for long.

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