FAST: On to day 3

It’s still a few hours away, but day 2 is going okay.

I came home last night with back issues and was exhausted by the time we went to sleep.  I slept fairly well, and woke just a few minutes before my alarm went off.

Working from home for doctor appointments, but dialed in for a meeting at 9a. blood pressure was 123 over 70 and weight was 450. I pooped a lot first, so fasting yesterday mainly arrested further weight gain. I’m good with that. 1:30p blood level was 20 points lower than yesterday, at 114. Curiously, it was higher than yesterday at 4:30p, and the same at 7:30p. I didn’t walk around much today because I worked from home, but I tried to do some strength training with 5 gallon water jugs.

The chills of yesterday are gone. Took my morning drugs with a 2oz olive oil shot. Feeling pretty good. Stomach doesn’t feel Monday’s binge the way it did yesterday.  Mind feels fairly clear.  I’ve been peeing a lot today, which bodes well for a loss tomorrow. Flushing the inflammation offers immediate benefits.

50 hours in, and all’s well.

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