FAST: Go for five?

Four days down.  I weighed 446.8 this morning. I had a bit of diarrhea last night, but not too bad. I had started using MCT oil to take with my morning medications (“take with food”) which may have contributed. I tried olive oil this morning; we’ll see if it makes a difference. So far, no real stomach upset. My blood glucose at 4:30 (the end of day 4) was 91. I neglected to grab my starting BG, but at 9pm on that first day I was at 111, and I was at 102 at the end of the first day. I’ve seen wild swings depending on time of day, but the last few days I’ve checked at 4:30p and 7:30p, and the afternoon blood sugars have been happily low – 80s, even into the 70s.

I don’t feel like I need food, but there are moments during fasts when I miss it. Eating is a sensory pleasure. But the health and appearance changes are worth the short-term sacrifices. And, for that matter, the money I’m saving by not dropping $10-$20 a meal a few times a day adds up.

The loose skin issue that has concerned me on previous weight loss efforts seems not to be happening this time. Dr. Fung asserts that at his clinic, he’s never had to refer a patient/client to a skin removal surgeon. He claims that fasting and the autophagy it enables helps the body fully heal, not just lose fat but leave skin behind. I’m only 60 pounds down, but I and my wife are noticing the way my skin and shape are changing.  I didn’t expect this when I started, but I’m thrilled.

I did have a good bit of avocado mayonnaise (all fat, 100 cals per serving) this evening, and checked the blood sugar about an hour later – no bump at all. It kept me from pillaging the vending machines and/or the admin’s candy bowls, at least.

I don’t know how far I’ll go with this fast. At least until tomorrow afternoon for five days. Possibly into Sunday. If I’m feeling ambitious, maybe into Tuesday morning. We shall see.

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