Tough Love

I was approached a few weeks ago about talking with Vinnie on his podcast, and it happened today. I don’t know when it will air. When I approached with a question, I was coming off a good seven days of full NSNG, but as of today I’ve been struggling for several weeks.

After giving Vinnie my stats, he brought out the tough love, which is probably what I needed most. The advice to folks in my position – close to 500 pounds, been there for years, falling off the wagon far too easily – is going to be different from people who need to lose a few or a few dozen pounds.

He recommended getting in touch with Dr. Jason Fung, author of the Obesity Code and a practicing doctor in Canada, a big proponent of the hormonal theory of weight loss and of using intermittent (and longer period) water-based fasting.  He also asked me to start today, so I’ve got the post-it notes over my cube reminding me that I promised to steer clear of the candy jars here at work.

My wife’s going away for a little over a week for a family reunion in Arkansas.  I have the choice to go hog wild…or get a jump-start on a new approach.

I’m currently watching a bunch of Dr. Fung’s YouTube videos, getting tips.  So far, it sounds like a multi vitamin and magnesium supplement, maybe some sea salt, wold be sufficient for a lengthier fast. Magnesium, in particular, should help with muscle cramping, which I’ve struggled with in the past.

I’ll be seeing Vinnie later this week, at his live show.  It would be great to have a few solid days under my belt before I see him.

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