Obesity Code

I’m working my way in earnest through Dr. Fung’s The Obesity Code. I just reached the portion where he recommends intermittent and longer-term fasting to reduce insulin resistance.

It spurred a memory. When I moved states years ago, I remember not eating for several days. What I found interesting is how good I felt on day 4.  I mentioned it to my brother, who helped me move; he responded that it was crazy, and not healthy.  If only I knew then what I’m learning now.  I was shocked by how good I felt, how much energy I had. I certainly had enough fat stores then, as now.

I met with my doctor today. She went over my blood work. Cholesterol levels were good – under 200 total, with 87 HDL, which was deemed excellent. Blood pressure was low,93/62.  One of my drugs is a blood pressure reducer. I need to bring that up with the cardiologist. my heart rate was in the mid 80s. My A1C was 6.0, which she said was borderline diabetic. I’d had a UTI at the time; she said it was likely the excess sugar.

My doctor is all for an insulin resistance reducing approach. I forgot to bring the forms for connecting with Dr. Fung’s clinic; my intent is to give it a try on my own the next three months, and see where I am then. Apply what I’m learning.

I’ve been NSNG since I talked with Vinnie. Not 100% Vinnie-approved (I’ve had some quest bars and protein shakes) but no snack cakes, candy at work, wednesday bagels or donuts. It’s an improvement.

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