After I had lunch yesterday, I decided to try an intermittent fast as recommended in Dr. Fung’s book. I ate around 5pm, so I’m currently about 30 hours in. His approach isn’t water-only – bone broth is okay, as is a small amount of milk or cream in coffee or tea. I’ve watched a bunch of videos about water-only fasting, and results from YouTubers have been very mixed. Dr. Fung recommends only supervised fasts longer than a day and a half, but he routinely has patients doing multi-week fasts.  apparently the effectiveness compounds the longer you can go; one 450 pound man in Scotland fasted for over 380 days back in the 1970s, and finished at around 180 pounds. I don’t plan to go that hardcore, but trying longer fasts of 5-7 days could be in my future.

Around 2pm today I had some pretty nasty diarrhea, but that’s the only negative I’ve really noticed. I feel a little less pain in the joints, and I’m walking a bit easier.

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