Fasting, day 2 – scale and non-scale victories

I’m closing in on the first 48 hours of a fast, and I feel pretty good. I stayed up far too late last night, and only got five hours sleep even with no alarm, but I had 90 minutes of deep sleep, which is what I tend to get most nights.

I hadn’t weighed since the doctor earlier this week, when I was 490.8. It seems to weigh me a bit lighter than my home scale; both gave me the same weight, but I weigh undressed at home. Which is good in a way – if I can trust that both are roughly the same number, I don’t get surprised at the doctor.

This morning, I weighed 478.6. Psychologically, it’s a big boost: I haven’t seen the 470s in months. I know that’s a lot of water weight. I’m staying hydrated, so I’m okay with that.

I’m planning to get a glucose meter today. I’m prediabetic, right on the border of diabetic. But even if i weren’t, those urging a ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting encourage using blood metering.  After my conversation with Vinnie it was clear I need professional help, and the professional in question is a proponent of intermittent and lengthier fasting.

I’ve noticed less pain in my joints and muscles. I have more mobility in my neck at the moment, which I hadn’t expected. I’d say my first fast has been a success so far, and not just on the scale.

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