Focus T25 day 5: milestones, and adjustments

I tried to do five days of 1300 (ish) calories, but I know that light-headed feeling. I mentioned it in my morning update, and Michael pointed out that I should be in the 1600-1800 calorie range. I ended up around 1800 today. This was the first official “do two T25 workouts” day, but because I’d moved […]

Focus T25, Day 1: Hatin’ on Shaun T

Shaun T, of Insanity fame, loves him some stompy, air-catching cardio. Maybe you’ve seen him. Looking like Will Smith, talking like someone you can only put up with at 3am when the infomercial blares at you after you’ve caught up with everything on the DVR. Leaping and jumping and skipping and punching and generally acting […]

Shakeology: worth the price? My first five days.

[Note: links provided for information. I’m not selling anything. I’m a reviewer/tester by nature, so I like to document.] As I mentioned in my earlier post,  I met Michael Friedman at the Clinic by Dr. H. He’d led me through my first workout there, and he is a good motivator. He’s been there himself – […]